Friday, November 7, 2008

Starting over!

So I was trying to make a few changes to our blog and the whole thing got completely erased!!! What a bummer. So here I am starting from scratch! Oh well maybe this time it will be even better. Take the last one as a practice round.

Christopher and I have been temendously busy lately and it's just the beginning of a very long holiday season. I think that we have every weekend planned out...AHHHH!!! We just got done having our annual Halloween Bash downtown and it went amazingly! This was our 3rd year to do it but it might have even been our last. It was the feeling the next day when both Chris and I awoke to the exact same expression "We are getting to old for this stuff!" As much as we love the party scene if you know Chris and I well then you will know that we just can't hang like we used to. Our focus has changed so much within the last five years of our journey. It began as a "lets get to know eachtother and party like rockstars" to "moving in together, find out what our flaws and strengths are and still party like rock stars" to "Going to the chappel and I'm going to get married" to "we can't wait to buy a house and start a family of our own" (the current one). Both Chris and I dream of our future together while enjoying the present. Its amazing how many people have told us how marriage changes everything and nothing will ever be the same. In some aspects it is very true but it was all changes for the good. Chris and I have never been happier and I can truly say that. The stress of planing a wedding is behind us and we are able to just enjoy eachothers company again and we have a blast doing it. Because we lived together before we got married we were able to discover what works and what doesn't before we took that huge step in our lives. And as it is not always meant for everyone, and I truly respect that, I think that for us it was an amazing step. I recommend it to anyone that is thinking about marrying someone. Its a great test to see if you can live with someones flaws, like dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and socks scattered throughout the house. The steps that Chris and I have taken in our journey have been amazing. And now a new start is trying to save for a house. The thought of having a backyard for Adrienne (our precious yorkie) to roam around and run till she can't run anymore excites us. To paint the walls with color and to have a big kitchen (you can only fit 2 comfortably ok maybe 1 in the kitchen we have now) and an actual bathtube that I can relax in! But with a house comes more responsibilities that until now Chris and I weren't ready for. We dream of owning our own house and starting our own family. Both totally scary but so exciting at the same time. I just hope that Christopher and I will be amazing parents! First comes the house though. There is so many things that you have to think about when looking for a house: school systems, the drive to and from work, how high is the land your house will be on, the foundation, and ect. So much to take in and if anyone has any tips please share.

So this weekend Christopher and I will be attending an art show. We love to go see art and mingle with the crowd. It's amazing what you hear about the artists and the people you meet are truly facinating! I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend! Here are just a few pictures from the halloween party!

Chris and I (he is one of the Guinness Men "Brillant!")

Lauren and I (I am a Marine Girl and she is the Mad Hatter)

Chris and Scott (oh Scott what a costume)

Neighbors (love them!)

The 3 Amigos

They hand made their talent


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