Friday, February 19, 2010

He's full of Surprises!

Ok I am on a complete high this week! It really has been an amazing one. I have worked out 3 days this week and drum roll please......I have lost a total of 7lbs in the last month! I couldn't believe it when I stepped on that scale but I am so thrilled that my hard work has paid off! It's showing and I feel all the benefits of it. Better mood, higher self esteem, cleared and happy mind and body! Thank you Bikram!

My week has been great for so many reasons but yesterday was the real high. I've been eyeing this dress and had sent an email to Chris a while back to show him to get approval (part of our money conscious behavior to stay on track with our budget). He didn't send me a reply back and never said a word so I figured I would just let it go. I loved the dress but it wasn't worth getting into an argument over (gotta pick your fights wisely). Plus we have been getting along so well lately and we feel back to our old/new selves that it just seemed silly. So I am going about my busy work day yesterday and I receive a call from the hubby. "Hey babe, I put some money aside for you and I want you to go buy that dress." What?! This is not something that Chris usually does. He is a very thoughtful and amazing hubby but when it comes to clothes he doesn't see what all the fuss is about. I tear up, not because I get the dress, but for the fact that after almost 7 years together he still knows how to surprise me. He took money out of HIS savings to give me a dress that would make me happy. I was shocked and giddy. I asked him what made him decide to do this and his response "I knew it would make your day and I love that I can do that." Too sweet! So after our phone convo I went online and made the purchase. As soon as I got in the car after work, we carpool, he asked me "so how soon do I get to see you in this dress?" lol. I'll post a picture of the dress as soon as it lands on my doorstep.

I hope this amazing week rolls into the weekend, which I am pretty sure that it will. We have alot going on and so much to look forward to for the following week! Thank goodness it is Friday and thank goodness Rodeo Cook-off is right around the corner!

I have been lacking in pictures lately but I promise that soon I will just have a picture post! So be prepared! Happy Friday!

Also a quick shout out to a special birthday boy! Happy 29th JJ! Hope its a great one!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010


No I didn't drink during Superbowl. I couldn't! Even the thought of it made me sick. I was still hungover over from our Saturday festivities. And to be honest I think I still am as we speak. Saturday was an unexpected day. The joys and perks of Christopher's job is that often times we get the luxury of going to some pretty cool events with some of his vendors. On Friday Chris called to inform me that we had suite tickets to go to the Harlem Globetrotters. I was so excited! I remember watching them on tv as a kid and totally amazed at all the tricks they can do. Well I was just as mesmerized as I was back then. It was so much fun and it was great seeing all the kids so focused on the event. If only I could spin a basketball on my finger! I wish I could have taken pictures but guess what...I left my camera at home. Not a good day to do that!

Jeff (one of Chris' vendors) and his wife Amy know how to have a good time. Every time the four of us get together we eat alot, drink a ton and have a blast. After the Globetrotters Jeff and Amy were sans the kids for the night so they wanted to go all out and had some awesome events planned for us. This was totally unplanned and unexpected which made it even more fun! First we headed to Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse which was absolutely amazing! Their crab cakes are to die for! After that we headed to the Rockets game! We lost by 7 points but I didn't care. We were so close that I could see their sweat dripping (gross I know). I have never been that close on the floor before but loved every minute of it. Plus I got to see my other man Shane Battier. He is so freakin cute! But please Shane, cut off your porn stache. It wasn't cute in the 70's and it's not cute now!

After the game the night continued. We headed to the House of Blues to see Theory of a Deadman! It was an amazing concert. The crowd was going wild and they put on a great show! We rocked out the whole time! After that we headed to the Foundation Room where the drinks were still flowing. I was feeling no pain! By 2:45am rolled around I was done for! I had been drinking for more than 12 hours and it was time to head home to bed. The rest of that night was painful and so was the following day. I didn't roll out of bed until 11:30! I usually never sleep past 7:30am.

We were moving slow yesterday but made our way to Jenn and Corey's house to watch the Superbowl. It was alot of fun! Didn't win any money but we ate alot, had a great time and then headed home to crash. The older I get the harder it is to recover. I still feel some pain today but hopefully bikram will kick that right out of me tonight!

Overall it was an absolutely amazing weekend! I wish I had had my camera but next time I will be sure not to forget it! I hope that you all had a great weekend as well and sorry again for no pics! Next post for sure! xoxo

Friday, February 5, 2010

10% off in February

Love is in the air this month and, trust me, you’re going to love the savings you’ll find at Scentsy right now. Throughout the entire month of February nearly all Scentsy products are 10% off! So if you need to stock up on your scents or you want to get a new warmer, now is the time to do so! Go to my site now and check it out! Happy shopping!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bring it on...

I'm talking about bikini season! Don't freak out ladies! Yes, I know I am early and we still have a few months but I am ready! I am so tired of this drab, rainy, cold weather! I yearn for the summer dresses, flip flops, outside happy hours, bbq's and crawfish season! I'm ready to stuff my sweaters & jackets in the back closet and not look at them again until next November. Vacation is around the corner and I am so ready to get some sun on my skin. Right now I feel like I could blind someone!

I have to be honest though, I wouldn't feel bikini ready if it wasn't for my 2-3 days a week, hour and a half bikram yoga classes. It has done wonders for my mind and body. And....drum roll please...I have lost 5lbs already!!!! Even the hubby has noticed a big change. I have toned up, thinned down and can really see some definition in my muscles. Not only have I seen the results of this hard work but my mind is cleared and free of negativity and doubt! I am hoping that the hubby will let me continue to do this for the next few months. It may not be cheap but it is totally worth it! My overall goal is to get into this bathing suit by April!

I know that it can be done! With hard work and dedication it is possible! 2010 is my year and so far it is off to a great start!

Sadly the hubby is home sick today and I wish I could be there with him to take care of him. Chris doesn't get sick often but I feel guilty about this one cause I might have passed it along to him. Oops! You know that great, exciting weekend we had planned. Well it was great minus me getting sick Saturday night. Friday night happy hour was so much fun and the Scentsy party I did on Saturday was a HUGE success! But that night I started to feel awful. We didn't make the birthday party that night and the next day I was feeling out of it at the kids bday party and Monday was no better. I stayed home from work that day and tried to regain my strength. Well last night, or about 1:30 this morning, Chris started to feel the same way. Poor thing, the crazy wind woke us up and Brixie was going crazy and he felt awful. I mean AWFUL! So right now I am going on 2 hours sleep and I feel bad that he is sick. So I can't wait to get home tonight to take care of him. Soup is definitely in order!

Ok I need to get back to work and get through this day! The weather here is a little crazy and I am so looking forward to the weekend! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! xoxo

Oh and please go visit my Scentsy website. Almost everything is 10% off right now so take advantage of the deals and get something for yourself or someone else that you love! Happy Shopping!


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