Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camera Funeral?

It's been a few weeks now that I haven't been able to take any pictures and I have been putting projects off just so I can get those before and after shots. Well I can't wait anymore, the lists of to-dos keeps growing and I can no longer procrastinate. If Chris can't find that charger soon I may have to resort to buying a new camera. I promise I didn't loose it on purpose, it was Chris!!! I have been dreaming of a new camera for a while now but haven't done my research yet. This is where I need your help! I want a camera that is easy to use with lots of features to take amazing shots but can't spend a fortune. What camera do you adore and why? I need all the help I can get and with all my dear friends that love cameras, I know you can come to my rescue! xoxo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A very special birthday!

I just wanted to wish a very happy birthday to the first man in my life.
May this year bring you lots of love and happiness.
I love you Daddy! xoxo

Always a Daddy's girl!

Can't wait for my mom's lasagna tonight and family time!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspiration Overload

With 2 months to go before our Open House, we have alot to accomplish in that time frame to make it party ready. Chris and I sat down last night to discuss what we envisioned and what we felt were reasonable budgets for each project. Let's face it, money isn't really flowing for everyone right now. Ever since we started looking for houses I have saved millions of pictures for inspiration for our house and now its time to make it happen. With a tight budget it will be a challenge, but who doesn't like a challenge here and there.

Things to Accomplish
  • Master Suite
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Office/Study
  • Front Sitting Room (after the party)
Our master suite is quiet large and really needs big pieces to make a statement. So Christopher and I are planning to start looking for our king size furniture this weekend. With the Labor Day right around the corner, we want to take advantage of all the sales, but now is the time to start doing our research. Here are a few pictures that I have gathered of rooms that we both really enjoy.

I am beginning to see a pattern here!

For our guest bedroom we will be using the existing furniture that is in the master suite now. There will not be a big change in there but I do plan on accessorizing it with monogrammed "L" pillows and a few other special touches. Haven't decided on what colors to use yet.

Another room that I am really excited to be doing is our office/study. I really want to incorporate the color of navy blue to match our desk chair. Overall we want a fun, yet functional, room. A room where you can think and get things done, yet inspires your creativity. A place to write thank you notes, search the web, pay bills and of course blog. Below are a few pictures that I absolutely love. Which one is your favorite?

By {Freckles Chick} if you haven't checked out her blog yet you should!

The front sitting area will be left for last and most likely will not be touched until after the party or the first of the year. However it hasn't stopped me from searching for the perfect room. I will leave that for another blog in the future.

So what do yall think? What's your favorite room in your house? And if you have any great suggestions or pictures you think express my taste please share!

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY! xoxo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling No Pain

It's only Tuesday and I am already yearning for the weekend! This whole week has seemed to not be in my favor but I am trying to pull through so bare with me! This post might be a short one.

This past weekend was eventful! I got maybe a total of 6 hours of sleep somewhere within those days, lol. Friday night was amazing and Aerosmith really knows how to put on a concert. Chris and I joined one of his vendors and his wife for a fun night out starting at Perry's Steakhouse and then made our way to the concert. Let's just say that the alcohol was flowing and it shows in these pictures!

Me & the Hubby (it was hot outside)

Amy & I

Partying like ROCKSTARS and feeling no pain!

The next morning was rough! I made it through the pain though because I was really looking forward to watching one of my closest friends and her man wakeboard in the H-Town Showdown Wakeboard Competition. It was a miserably hot day but we made it bearable with the waterguns I purchased that morning and as usual made a little trouble, lol. From there we headed down to Jenn's riverhouse for a relaxing night. Chris and I weren't able to enjoy the next day with them as we needed to head back home to take care of a few things around the house (a never ending task) and celebrate Chris' godmother's bday. But soon we will be making another fun trip up there! Here are a few pics from the weekend, my camera is dead, so credit goes to Jenn for taking these pics!

My Favs!

Starting trouble by bring out the water guns. Look at Chris' face, he loves trouble!

Warning: I will shoot!

In other news, I finally sent out our Open House Evite. If you did not receive it it means that I do not have your email address. If you would like to join us in the fun please send me a comment with your email address and I will send it to you ASAP. The more the merrier!

I wish I had more to post at the moment but I have lots to accomplish before its time for bed and Tori & Dean is about to start! Hope your week is going better than mine! xoxo

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I work for a company that is kind enough to serve me lunch everyday at work, but this entails us to stay in the office for the full day. Sometimes you just have to break free and get out of the office though. Now lately this has been a miserable task. The unbearable heat has kept me from enjoying my mid-day break, but today, NOTHING, not even the heat, could stop me! It has been awhile since I had visited Jubilee, one of the cutest stores in the Heights, and I am so glad that I did! I found this adorable denim dress that will be perfect for any occasion. I am excited though because I found it just in time for the Aerosmith concert we are attending tomorrow night. I had been struggling trying to figure out what I was going to wear since the concert is outside and we live in Houston so you know what that means. The dress is light enough to make it comfortable for the heat and humidity that we experience here. I looks much better on than on the hanger!

Success number 2 came after the long work day. I have been searching high and low for the perfect short bill hat that I could wear just about anywhere and oh did I find it! Well I should say that I found it last week but didn't get it at the time. I couldn't stop thinking about it all week and just had to have it! So I made my way back to the Yia Yia Club in Katy. There were a ton of items that I am coveting from that cute boutique and if you make your way out to Katy anytime soon you must stop in! Now all I need is a Francesca's out here!

The weekend is finally almost here and as I mentioned above we are headed to the Aerosmith and ZZ Top concert tomorrow night! I am so excited and hope to hear many of my favorite songs (I have Pink stuck in my head at the moment). One of my ultimate favorites though is "Cryin'." As a teen I could watch this video a million times! Mom, you can thank this video for my desire to get my first tat! and my belly button pierced!

Saturday begins with an exciting event, one of my besties, Jenn, and her man, is participating in the H-Town Showdown Wakeboarding Tournament! I am so excited to see them ride and have a blast doing what they love best. Then we are headed to the riverhouse for a fun rest of the weekend with the Blumricks! There will be lots of picture taking, sun, great talks with my besties and just an overall kick ass time!

I hope that everyone has a blast this weekend and I can't wait to post about all the fun we will soon be having! Till then, xoxo!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Beginnings

This funk I have been in is just unacceptable and starting tonight some things are going to change. From here on out I am going to be a positive person, full of life and ready for new beginnings. I am going to blog more about anything and everything. I am going to take more pictures, plan our vacations and do more of the things that I love. Ok, now that all that is off my chest I can get to the fun stuff.

We are officially unpacked, or for the most part I should say. There are so many ideas and things I want to do to the new house. I have been quiet the busy bee getting things settled to my liking. I mean seriously, how many times am I going to have to reorganize the refrigerator. One would think that this is an easy task, but for an anal person, this is not so easy. Everything has a place of its own and you have to get the most for your space. Still a work in progress. In my last post I mentioned how excited I was to be spending our 4th of July weekend at the Blumrick's riverhouse. Unfortunately, Christopher got really sick, so we weren't able to go. The good news though is that we are planning another trip there at the beginning of August. If Chris gets sick again I am leaving him behind, lol. So since Chris was sick, I made use of the time I had to get the backyard patio in shape. It's now suitable for entertaining and despite this awful heat my plants are blooming and full of life.

This weekend was a nice relaxing one. Last night was UFC 100. One thing that very few people know is that I absolutely love UFC. I am not a big fan of baseball, football or basketball, but UFC is my sport. If I wasn't such a girly girl when it came to sports then I would love to train in MMA, but I am a wimp. Then today Chris and I hung out at the neighborhood pool. I absolutely loved it and got a great tan. Gotta love the summertime!

Ok, enough for tonight but I will be sure to post again on Tuesday. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Game!

I know that I have a TON to blog about but getting into the mode lately has been difficult. We have been on the go and constantly busy with tasks to do for the house. I am loving it though. I have decided that I am not going to post pictures of the house until after the open house (you will just have to wait and be surprised), which we hope to have at the end of September when the weather is a little bit more tolerable. Till then I will post about my projects to be done, my shopping adventures, all the things that Chris and I are up to and much more. If I don't have your email please send it my way so that I can add you to our evite list for the open house.

Now for a little fun. Both Jenn & Megan tagged me in this game.

Here are the rules:

* open your first photo folder
* scroll down the 10th photo
* post that photo and story on your blog
* tag five friends to do the same

So I went to "My Pictures", the first folder (1) and the 10th photo and here it is...
This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Chris growing up. His mom dressed him up as a rock star for Halloween and he just looks adorable. Look at that spiky hair! You rock Chris!

So there are lots to do today starting off with work, which I better start getting ready before I am late. Tonight I have to start packing for a fun weekend with the Blumrick family. We are headed to the river house to soak up some sun, play some games and just have a good time! Maybe you will get lucky and I will post again before we leave tomorrow but don't hold your breathe!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!!!!


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