Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspiration Overload

With 2 months to go before our Open House, we have alot to accomplish in that time frame to make it party ready. Chris and I sat down last night to discuss what we envisioned and what we felt were reasonable budgets for each project. Let's face it, money isn't really flowing for everyone right now. Ever since we started looking for houses I have saved millions of pictures for inspiration for our house and now its time to make it happen. With a tight budget it will be a challenge, but who doesn't like a challenge here and there.

Things to Accomplish
  • Master Suite
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Office/Study
  • Front Sitting Room (after the party)
Our master suite is quiet large and really needs big pieces to make a statement. So Christopher and I are planning to start looking for our king size furniture this weekend. With the Labor Day right around the corner, we want to take advantage of all the sales, but now is the time to start doing our research. Here are a few pictures that I have gathered of rooms that we both really enjoy.

I am beginning to see a pattern here!

For our guest bedroom we will be using the existing furniture that is in the master suite now. There will not be a big change in there but I do plan on accessorizing it with monogrammed "L" pillows and a few other special touches. Haven't decided on what colors to use yet.

Another room that I am really excited to be doing is our office/study. I really want to incorporate the color of navy blue to match our desk chair. Overall we want a fun, yet functional, room. A room where you can think and get things done, yet inspires your creativity. A place to write thank you notes, search the web, pay bills and of course blog. Below are a few pictures that I absolutely love. Which one is your favorite?

By {Freckles Chick} if you haven't checked out her blog yet you should!

The front sitting area will be left for last and most likely will not be touched until after the party or the first of the year. However it hasn't stopped me from searching for the perfect room. I will leave that for another blog in the future.

So what do yall think? What's your favorite room in your house? And if you have any great suggestions or pictures you think express my taste please share!

Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY! xoxo

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Emily said...

So I have the desk from the frist office you have a picture of. It is from ikea, but you have to be careful with it bc it scratches easily and bad water rings even if it is set down for 2 seconds. Just a thought. I love the master suite stuff!
Emily Barber


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