Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Emotions. Just Sex.

I have to see this movie!!! Hilarious!!!

Favorite quote so far: "I'm emotionally unavailable. I'm emotionally damaged." And..."That sounds emotionally supportive...Lock that down!!!"

This will be the perfect date night movie!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

50 Random Things

It's a crazy random day so I thought I would do a crazy random post on a few things you may or may not know about me. Enjoy!

1. I can't remember my natural hair color. Is is dark brown, ashy blond or red-ish brown?
2. I wear heels all the time cause I like feeling taller and it makes my legs look sexy & lean
3. When Chris isn't home I blare the music and dance all over the house doing pirouettes (I really hope my neighbors can't see in the windows, lol)
4. I hate when people smack their gum. I can just hear my Mimi and mom scolding me as a child for doing this. Funny how much I am just like them.
5. My mom and Mimi are my greatest role models
6. I have no first cousins
7. I have the worst sailor mouth (Chris and I laugh that our child's first word with be the f*bomb, not really that funny)
8. I can still do the splits and the human pretzel
9. I can't whistle or wink
10. I can shoot off at least 25 phone numbers without looking at my phonebook
11. I have 5 tattoos
12. I can't dive and I hate the deep end
13. BBQ is my least favorite food
14. My hiccups sound like a small barky dog
15. I have the best handwriting thanks to my parents
16. I love bad boys covered in tats and mysterious eyes
17. When I answer the phone at work I sound super perky (which is totally not me)
18. I love my boobs (not too big and not too small)
19. However I will have the "mommy job" after I have kids
20. Liquor makes me bitchy
21. I love game nights and totally rock at Trouble
22. I may be 27 but I still eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast...
23. I was devastated when I heard on the radio this morning that it was being discontinued
24. I have over 30 scarves (I have a problem)
25. I sound like my mom more and more each day which kinda scares the crap out of me
26. I like all music except for rap and the oldies
27. I prefer salty stuff over sweets
28. My in-laws gave me a case of wine for xmas! How awesome is that?! Too bad I drank it all before January was even close to being over.
29. Chris and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary! Time flies
30. I love when my husband does the bootie bump dance it cracks me up
31. I can't watch scary movies anymore but used to love them
32. I am such a teenie bopper when it comes to tv shows
33. Olives and popcorn are my favorite snacks (just not together)
34. I stick my stomach out in the mirror to see what I will look like with a baby bump
35. I know how to make mosaic benches
36. I can also install a toilet
37. I have expensive taste but cringe when I pay more than $20 for anything
38. I can still remember what Chris was wearing the moment we met
39. I am an emotional tv watcher. I cry even at commercials
40. I love the smell of books and can't push myself to buy the nook or whatever its called
41. Most of my clothes are solid colors. I love patterns but can't see myself in them
42. I stress myself out, lol
43. If I can learn any language it would be french
44. My eyebrows are super blond that you can't see them in pictures
45. Even though we have been married for almost 3 years I still love looking at wedding blogs
46. We already have our future girls name picked out and its beautiful and southern
47. I hate walking on concrete barefoot
48. Escargot is one of my favs thanks to my Mimi & Ron
49. I only let a select few people call me Dani
50. I am so beyond ready to be a mommy (no I am not pregnant...yet)

Ok that is all I can muster up for now. Do we have anything in common? I would love to hear a few random facts from yall as well! Hope you are all having a wonderful and beautiful week! xoxo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's done!

When I saw this tutorial that Emily did over at Jones Design Company I just had to do it!!! It was elegant, looked simple enough and was perfect timing since I was contemplating redoing the guest bathroom. To say it was a tedious project is an understatement. It took time and patience but overall it was completely worth it! And best of all it didn't cost me a dime!!!

Here are pictures of the guest bathroom before it was painted and stenciled. It was an ugly poopy green and somehow I was convinced that I had to do a color in there. Note to self: trust my instincts, I should have known better. It made the bathroom seem dark and small.
When deciding on the actual wall color I picked the one in the middle.
Not too dark and not too light.

Emily provided the stencil in her tutorial so I printed it out and traced it on cardboard as she instructed. I did one full stencil and then cut the second one in half (makes it much easier for doing the top of the wall).
You will have to check out her blog for the step by step tutorial. Trust me you will fall in love with her!!! It was all very simple but like I said very time consuming. It probably didn't help that I got really sick in between the process which set me back 2 weeks.

Here are the finished results:

I also sewed a new extra long shower curtain out of one of our old bedding duvets to make the room feel much taller. Such an easy project that anyone with a sewing machine can do!
This is an up close shot of the shower curtain print.

The corners had to be the hardest part but somehow I made it work.

The pictures don't really do it justice and for some reason the color looks really off on the camera but it is much brighter than it appears. The design provided exactly what I wanted it to for the guest bathroom. It made it feel much lighter, taller and overall much larger. I hope to add some navy blue accents such as towels, candle sticks and etc. but for now it will do. I just don't want to pick up another paintbrush for awhile!!!

Overall breakdown:
Tutorial - awesome and easy to follow...thank you Emily!!! $0
Stencil - made out of cardboard $0
Paint - left over from dresser in the front room $0
Shower curtain - old bedding duvet $0
The amazing feeling of all the hard work: priceless!


Decisions, decisions...

Thank you for all the sweet comments on the sneak peak yesterday. I promise to post more pictures about it tomorrow. But today I need a little personal help.

As many of you may already know I have major baby fever! The hubby and I have talked about it ALOT lately and one of the biggest concerns is whether I stay home or not when we have kids. It's a constant battle between the two of us. When it happens, what do we have to do, what sacrifices will we have to name it its been brought up.

So for the moms, moms-to-be, or even those thinking about kids, what helped you decide whether you stayed home or not? How did you make it work? What were some of your concerns? Please help me out! If you feel more comfortable commenting through email you can do so at All help is greatly appreciated!



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