Wednesday, March 9, 2011

50 Random Things

It's a crazy random day so I thought I would do a crazy random post on a few things you may or may not know about me. Enjoy!

1. I can't remember my natural hair color. Is is dark brown, ashy blond or red-ish brown?
2. I wear heels all the time cause I like feeling taller and it makes my legs look sexy & lean
3. When Chris isn't home I blare the music and dance all over the house doing pirouettes (I really hope my neighbors can't see in the windows, lol)
4. I hate when people smack their gum. I can just hear my Mimi and mom scolding me as a child for doing this. Funny how much I am just like them.
5. My mom and Mimi are my greatest role models
6. I have no first cousins
7. I have the worst sailor mouth (Chris and I laugh that our child's first word with be the f*bomb, not really that funny)
8. I can still do the splits and the human pretzel
9. I can't whistle or wink
10. I can shoot off at least 25 phone numbers without looking at my phonebook
11. I have 5 tattoos
12. I can't dive and I hate the deep end
13. BBQ is my least favorite food
14. My hiccups sound like a small barky dog
15. I have the best handwriting thanks to my parents
16. I love bad boys covered in tats and mysterious eyes
17. When I answer the phone at work I sound super perky (which is totally not me)
18. I love my boobs (not too big and not too small)
19. However I will have the "mommy job" after I have kids
20. Liquor makes me bitchy
21. I love game nights and totally rock at Trouble
22. I may be 27 but I still eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast...
23. I was devastated when I heard on the radio this morning that it was being discontinued
24. I have over 30 scarves (I have a problem)
25. I sound like my mom more and more each day which kinda scares the crap out of me
26. I like all music except for rap and the oldies
27. I prefer salty stuff over sweets
28. My in-laws gave me a case of wine for xmas! How awesome is that?! Too bad I drank it all before January was even close to being over.
29. Chris and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary! Time flies
30. I love when my husband does the bootie bump dance it cracks me up
31. I can't watch scary movies anymore but used to love them
32. I am such a teenie bopper when it comes to tv shows
33. Olives and popcorn are my favorite snacks (just not together)
34. I stick my stomach out in the mirror to see what I will look like with a baby bump
35. I know how to make mosaic benches
36. I can also install a toilet
37. I have expensive taste but cringe when I pay more than $20 for anything
38. I can still remember what Chris was wearing the moment we met
39. I am an emotional tv watcher. I cry even at commercials
40. I love the smell of books and can't push myself to buy the nook or whatever its called
41. Most of my clothes are solid colors. I love patterns but can't see myself in them
42. I stress myself out, lol
43. If I can learn any language it would be french
44. My eyebrows are super blond that you can't see them in pictures
45. Even though we have been married for almost 3 years I still love looking at wedding blogs
46. We already have our future girls name picked out and its beautiful and southern
47. I hate walking on concrete barefoot
48. Escargot is one of my favs thanks to my Mimi & Ron
49. I only let a select few people call me Dani
50. I am so beyond ready to be a mommy (no I am not pregnant...yet)

Ok that is all I can muster up for now. Do we have anything in common? I would love to hear a few random facts from yall as well! Hope you are all having a wonderful and beautiful week! xoxo


rblanton22 said...

I decided I think we're secretly best friends when I read this:

37. I have expensive taste but cringe when I pay more than $20 for anything

^^^you and me both!

39. I am an emotional tv watcher. I cry even at commercials

^^^Sean hates this. I am forbidden to watch tv shows like the Biggest Loser for this reason (I still do, and still cry)

40. I love the smell of books and can't push myself to buy the nook or whatever its called

^^^Um, I love actual books. With pages.

:) <3

the mcquire family said...

Can I just say I LOVE YOU!

-Cuss like a sailor- check
-Love the smell of books, I'll never buy a nook-check
-I can't whistle or wink -check
-Don't know my REAL hair color-check
-I only let a select few call me Brittany, prefer Britt- check

-Love looking at wedding blogs-check
-I have a second girl name and boys names picked out-check

-I have one tattoo-check
-Blare music and dance-check
-I can do the human pretzel and scorpion-check
-More and more like my mom everyday-check

OKAY, total creeper just commented a damn novel! :) ... You'll probably now ban me from commenting again! We need to meet stat!

Ps- your text today made my day! Such a HAPPY surprise! xoxo

Beatriz Craven said...

Hahaha this list totally cracked me up. I also do pirouttes in the living room when my husband is not home... haha! So odd, but I was a dancer growing up, so I just bust a move sometimes!! I am trying to get a little bit better with the sailor mouth too.. you would think with a blog name like "that girl in pearls" I would be a lot more conservative about that kind of thing. Whoops! My bad ;)

Hope you have a wonderful week!

That Girl in Pearls


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