Monday, December 12, 2011

Deck the Halls

'Tis the season to be jolly!  In this house that is definitely the case!  Chris and I have been so busy getting ready for family to visit that every weekend that passes we have a long list of to-do's to complete!  Everything from touching up paint and the floors, to hanging lights, cleaning the garage and rearranging furniture.  All those projects that we have been putting off has finally crept up on us and time is ticking!  And I have to admit since we didn't decorate last year (lack of Christmas spirit) I am extra excited about this year and really don't mind doing all the minor things.  Thanksgiving isn't the only time of the year to be thankful for things.  This year I am thankful for all the crazy changes that have led us up to this point.  We made some major changes to the house and its actually amazing looking back at the difference.  I started a new job and loving every second of it!  Chris has been busy moving up in his industry and doing such fabulous job! Chris and I went on multiple trips and enjoyed a fun filled year of events and memories!  All in all 2011 has been a year to remember and it will be sad to see it go!

But before this year comes to an end (I'll save all the sappy stuff for New Years) here is a look at our winter wonderland of a house!  It's been a blast setting it all up to be bright and cheery!

Our Manger

Santa's Key
 Dear Santa, This magic key works just for you, Please open the door and come on through. Thank you for coming to our house tonight. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you Santa for the gifts you bring. Thank you Lord for everything.

Glitter is all over this house!!!

Canvas is still on the to-do list!

This was actually our first Christmas tree!

Gotta love my Scentsy warmer

And now a view from outside...

Ho Ho Ho...

 We hope you are having lots of holiday cheer this year!
We are checking off our list as Christmas is near!


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