Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is the last day of 2008! It has been an amazing year and I am really sad to see it go. So many wonderful things happened this year that will forever leave a mark in life. I married the most amazing man on May 17, 2008. It was honestly the best day of my entire life! Waking up to him every morning has truly been a blessing and spending the rest of our lives together is exciting! So as sad as I am to see 2008 go, there is alot to be excited about for 2009!
Things to look forward to in 2009:
  1. Buying a house: both Christopher and I are ready to buy a house. Not only do we lack space where we are but we are ready to be in a nice neighborhood.
  2. Getting in shape! I know that everyone says "I'm going to get in shape for my new years resolution." But honestly I am. We just got the P90X and we are ready to get our butts in gear. I want to be healthy and look good at the same time. I have high hopes for this program and I am super motivated!
  3. Having our 1 year anniversary! Its really not that far away. Will we still be considered as newlyweds?
  4. My best friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law is getting married to Christopher's brother on May 24, 2009. There will be many events beforehand and a wonderful celebration of their love on their special day. I love weddings!
  5. Planning a vacation! We are thinking about going back to Mexico again. We had such an amazing time on our honeymoon that it just sounds like the perfect place to be. But we will try a different place just to mix it up a bit and invite another couple to join us to share the fun!
  6. Maybe start a family (closer to the end of the year)! We both look forward to having our own little family. We both have baby fever but I think by this time next year we might be ready to make it happen.
There are many more things to look forward to in 2009 but most of all I hope that we are healthy and happy in love! Not only for ourselves but for those that surround us. I hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled New Years!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have fought getting sick for some time now and it finally got the best of me! So here I am at home, barely able to breathe through my nose and my head feels like it is huge! I am so upset cause we didn't get to go to Livingston today to celebrate xmas with the family. With rain, pine trees and people that might be sick as well, I thought it would be best to stay home and rest.

OK, enough of feeling sorry for myself. I haven't posted in awhile but we had an amazing Christmas! It was great to be with loved ones and share the joy of such a wonderful day. I didn't take any pictures that day :). I can't believe that I didn't even get a picture with my husband but I know that his dad took pictures so I will have to call him.

We had our XXX Xmas Party a few weeks ago and we had an absolute blast! Here are a few pictures from the night:

The Girls

The Boys

Playing Drinking Games


Boys taking shotsHe was our only elf

Love these guys!

The Lancaster Sisters

We had a great time and the pictures were pretty tame. Maybe we will have another one next year!

Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time with their families! Have a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2009!

xoxo, Danielle

Thursday, December 18, 2008


A few weeks ago Christopher and I went bowling with some friends of ours. We tried to go to the new 300 Bowling Alley off of Bunker Hill but it was an hour and half wait. WHAT?! I was so disappointed cause it looked so cool inside! So we headed to the Dave & Buster's off of I-10 and they too had an hour wait. Must have been the night to bowl. Finally we got a chance to show our skills, or lack thereof. We might not have been that good and they shut down our game at the end of the night but regardless we had a blast!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


YAY, the week is half way over! This has been an extremely crazy week and to top it off I have my review sometime this week, just not sure what day. Wish me luck! So this Friday Chris and I are having our XXX Xmas Party. This will be my first naughty party that I have ever hosted/attended but I am really excited. I have lots of grocery shopping to do and definitely have to clean the house. I got some really great napkins and lots of funny Xmas quotes that I am going to write on the mirrors in the apartment. And even got great shirts for both Chris and I.

So course with having a party, it has given me an excuse to add a few details to the apartment (We really need a house cause we are running out of room)! So I have finally printed up a few of our wedding pictures. I printed 3 16x20 pictures, framed them in simple black frames and lined them up over our bed. It looks amazing and really gives that bold look that I was looking for. Here are the pictures that we used:

I am so happy that it turned out so good. I will take a picture once the room is clean. Like I said I have been super busy and haven't had time to not me!

Today is Christopher and I's 7 month anniversary. I can't believe how quickly time has passed. It seriously feels like we were just married 3 weeks ago! I still love looking at all of the pictures and especially the video (THANK YOU RUSTY)! It was the most amazing day of our lives and I can remember every detail! The butterflies, the overwhelming feeling of love, and not being able to get my eyes off my new husband! The amazing part is that I still feel that way today! It's and everlasting feeling! Before we know it our 1 year anniversary will be here.

I still have a lot to finish before the party on Friday so I need to get back. I will post the "appropriate" pictures from the party on Sunday for all to see. If you have any game suggestions or ideas please feel free to send them my way! Have a great weekend!!!

xoxo, Danielle

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

I love this time of year. The decorations everywhere look absolutely amazing! This past week and a half have been tremendously crazy! But I have to admit, coming home to a decorated house makes things much more cheerful. I am so excited because today was my first day to ever see snow! I snowed here two or three years ago, but go figure I was in Florida at the time and didn't get to see it. So when I saw it today I was absolutely thrilled! All I needed was some hot chocolate and fire and I would have been set for a wonderful winter night!

The next two weeks are packed with many fun events. I have never been on a hayride before and its wonderful that my friend Meredith is having one this weekend! I am so excited! We will be going through Pecan Grove looking at the bright lights and decorations that everyone has taken so much time to put up! We will be eating cookies and enjoying some wonderful company. It will be truly a thrill to see all the childrens reactions to the lights and decorations and the talk of Santa! Its something that I so look forward to when we have our own little family.

So I finally took a few pictures of my decorations. Its not all of them but trust me I have enough to fill a house when we get one!

Our Christmas Tree

the view when you walk in

Our window in the living room

I hope that I will get the chance to take many pictures this weekend and will update again next week. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and warm week and weekend!!! xoxo

Monday, December 1, 2008


What a wonderful time of the year. So much goes on in the month of December and I think that we have something booked every weekend this month. I have already decorated the house for Christmas (OK I am guilty, I did it before Thanksgiving) and it is so nice coming home to a cheerful house filled with lights, snowman and a small Christmas tree. With tough times ahead for us, due to the economy, what we need right now is a little Christmas cheer. Christopher and I will be going back to the true meaning of Christmas. Often people get caught up with the hustle and bustle of buying tons of Christmas presents, making sure to get EVERYONE something, spending lots of money and eating tons of food. While I love all these things, I think many people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born. Christopher and I will not be having a big Christmas nor will be buying alot of gifts. This will be our first Christmas as a married couple and all I want to do is spend it with my loved ones.

As for the economy, I am really scared of where everything is going. This will be the first time in my life where I will really feel the effect. I am not sure what will happen or what struggles we might encounter. I just pray that whatever happens we will make it through the hard times and like they say "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." Although this is a wonderful time of the year, I pray for those that are having a tough time. Many have lost their jobs, foreclosed on houses and may not have food on the table. It is a time to be blessed for what you do have and not wish for the things that we wish we had. Remember this when you are shopping for presents or reading the local adds for all the cool gadgets. Remember to prepare for the worst as it may not be far away.

On a much lighter note, Thanksgiving break was absolutely wonderful! We got to spend quality time with both families. It was so nice to see everyone and we had an absolute blast. We have already begun to plan for Christmas! Like I said before, we are not doing many Christmas gifts but just spending time with the ones we love is amazing! We have many events coming up: Christmas by Candlelight at my parents church, hayrides (can't wait Meredith!), comedy tickets, Naughty & Nice Xmas party and birthdays! So much to do and so little time! I will keep everyone updated and try to write more. I hope that everyone's holidays are filled with peace, love and joy!!!


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