Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

I love this time of year. The decorations everywhere look absolutely amazing! This past week and a half have been tremendously crazy! But I have to admit, coming home to a decorated house makes things much more cheerful. I am so excited because today was my first day to ever see snow! I snowed here two or three years ago, but go figure I was in Florida at the time and didn't get to see it. So when I saw it today I was absolutely thrilled! All I needed was some hot chocolate and fire and I would have been set for a wonderful winter night!

The next two weeks are packed with many fun events. I have never been on a hayride before and its wonderful that my friend Meredith is having one this weekend! I am so excited! We will be going through Pecan Grove looking at the bright lights and decorations that everyone has taken so much time to put up! We will be eating cookies and enjoying some wonderful company. It will be truly a thrill to see all the childrens reactions to the lights and decorations and the talk of Santa! Its something that I so look forward to when we have our own little family.

So I finally took a few pictures of my decorations. Its not all of them but trust me I have enough to fill a house when we get one!

Our Christmas Tree

the view when you walk in

Our window in the living room

I hope that I will get the chance to take many pictures this weekend and will update again next week. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and warm week and weekend!!! xoxo

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