Monday, December 1, 2008


What a wonderful time of the year. So much goes on in the month of December and I think that we have something booked every weekend this month. I have already decorated the house for Christmas (OK I am guilty, I did it before Thanksgiving) and it is so nice coming home to a cheerful house filled with lights, snowman and a small Christmas tree. With tough times ahead for us, due to the economy, what we need right now is a little Christmas cheer. Christopher and I will be going back to the true meaning of Christmas. Often people get caught up with the hustle and bustle of buying tons of Christmas presents, making sure to get EVERYONE something, spending lots of money and eating tons of food. While I love all these things, I think many people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born. Christopher and I will not be having a big Christmas nor will be buying alot of gifts. This will be our first Christmas as a married couple and all I want to do is spend it with my loved ones.

As for the economy, I am really scared of where everything is going. This will be the first time in my life where I will really feel the effect. I am not sure what will happen or what struggles we might encounter. I just pray that whatever happens we will make it through the hard times and like they say "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." Although this is a wonderful time of the year, I pray for those that are having a tough time. Many have lost their jobs, foreclosed on houses and may not have food on the table. It is a time to be blessed for what you do have and not wish for the things that we wish we had. Remember this when you are shopping for presents or reading the local adds for all the cool gadgets. Remember to prepare for the worst as it may not be far away.

On a much lighter note, Thanksgiving break was absolutely wonderful! We got to spend quality time with both families. It was so nice to see everyone and we had an absolute blast. We have already begun to plan for Christmas! Like I said before, we are not doing many Christmas gifts but just spending time with the ones we love is amazing! We have many events coming up: Christmas by Candlelight at my parents church, hayrides (can't wait Meredith!), comedy tickets, Naughty & Nice Xmas party and birthdays! So much to do and so little time! I will keep everyone updated and try to write more. I hope that everyone's holidays are filled with peace, love and joy!!!

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