Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I don't watch alot of tv these days and many of the shows that I used to love now bore me. It's just not as good as they used to be. Don't judge me but I must admit I love trashy reality tv and what better channel to find that on than Bravo. I am so sad that one of my new fav shows is already over. Have any of you seen Kell on Earth? It's a sneak peak into the life of Kelly Cutrone, a PR goddess in my books. She can come of as a total bitch at times, but don't be fooled. She is a strong, what you see if what you get, loving and passionate person and we really get to see that on the show. Did any of you know that she also has a daughter?! I had no idea till I watched the show. It's nice to see the softer side. The overall show though is amazing. PR is hard work and not always fun and games. It shows the struggle of work/life balance that so many of us face in our lives. Plus I love fashion. I may not be great at dressing myself in the latest trends but it doesn't mean I don't like looking at it. If you get the chance to catch it on Bravo do it or even dvr it. I promise you'll love it!

Guess what's coming back?! Real Housewives of New Jersey is back for their second season on May 3rd! This has to be my favorite group of housewives and I am so ready for the drama to begin! I hope to start doing recaps after the show once it starts so stay tuned! Who else is as excited as I am?!

And my all time favorite realty show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood picks back up on April 5th! I love this family! They have gotten alot of crap in the past but they seem to be a real loving and genuine couple. They have their ups and downs like we all do but they do it in the spotlight. I am kinda over the whole Candie and Tori issue but hopefully they won't focus so much attention on that this season. I can't wait for it to begin!

OK now you know just a few of my guilty pleasures. What do you think? Tell me some of yours? Happy Tuesday, thank goodness Monday is over and lets hope today is not a repeat! xoxo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wine Time!

Tonight I get to spend the evening with these two amazing women! It's not often that the three of us get together due to crazy work schedules, but when we do we definitely cherish the moment. I can't wait to drink wine, snack and decorate my sister's new place! Which by the way, have I told yall lately how proud I am of my little sis!? She is growing up to be quiet the young lady. It's hard for me to accept that she is an adult and that yes we can go out and have a drink together...legally. She has a full time job, has a house and all the responsibilities of a grownup. Now if I can just find her Mr. Right! No rush though!

Well I better get going or I am going to be late! Don't want to miss any good gossip! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Following your Heart

I want to blog today. I really do! But I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts. I have been faced with a few challenges and I just don't know where to go with them. I always tell my friends to follow their hearts when faced with hard decisions, but it's so much easier said than done. At this moment I am going through a roller coaster of emotions and I know what I need to do is necessary. But at the same time it's scary, nerve wrecking and a little overwhelming. My health is great, my marriage is amazing and I have the most loving family and friends. But life is hard sometimes. I know that God will lead me in the right direction and he only gives us as much as we can handle. So I have to put my complete faith in him right now.

Tomorrow is a new day with a much happier post. I promise.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woof! Woof!

We love both my precious girls! We have the best of both worlds. Each one is so different and unique! Adrienne is a little over 4lbs., as cute as can be, loves to cuddle, doesn't shed and I truly believe that she understands every word we say! Brixie is close to 50lbs., loves to play and run, has a ton of energy and has an absolutely stunning shinny coat. They brighten our days and give us unconditional love. I don't know what our lives would be like without our little ones.

When we first got Adrienne she was an absolute breeze to train. We had very few issues and all of which were easy to solve. She didn't stay in her crate long and it seemed like (I say this now) she was only in training for 2-3 weeks and done. She slept through the night, cuddled with us in bed, only chewed the furniture once and that was it. Only flaw...she is a compulsive licker. Easy!

Like I said Adrienne and Brixie are two totally different dogs. I absolutely adore Brixie! She brings out the playful side in us all, including Adrienne. She loves to fetch, sprawl out on the couch with her head on the arm rest (its too darn cute) and is observant to everything. She is also one super intelligent dog! As a puppy they like to test our limits, see how far they can go and what they can and cannot get away with. Well Brixie has definitely been testing us. We have been blessed with amazing neighbors, this is something that is soooo hard to find these days. Well during the day if Ryan is working from home he will come and let the dogs out of their crates to stretch, do their business and play with Ryan & Suz's dog Zoey. Well lately when Ryan has been going over there Brixie has be greeting him at the door. We too have come home to find Brixie like this acting as if nothing is wrong. Yep, we have an escape artist on our hands. This has happened on numerous occasions and often times leaving us stumped as the crate door is still locked. Do we have a magical dog on our hands? She has even figured out a way to bring the door inside of her crate instead of opening outwards. Seriously!? Most of the time she is good and when we do a search of the house everything is fine. But...she has chewed up a total of 3 pairs of my shoes! Not Chris' but MINE! What can I say, she's a girl so she likes my shoes better. But really! Chris' shoes can be laying around ALL over the house and I have one pair hidden and out of sight and she can find them. Not cool! Chris will laugh but only for a short time because its now costing him money buying me new shoes!

So last night we decided to put the heavy duty tie wraps around the edges of the crate so that she can't pull them out of socket. But will this work? The only way she can get out now is through the door. So we will see tonight when we get home if this plan has worked. Wish us luck! Although we face these challenges its been a great learning experience for us. She is just a puppy and testing her limits. I love her regardless and wouldn't trade her for anything. That goes for both our little ones!

Do any of you dog lovers have any tips you would like to share? I am all ears! For now though here are a few pictures from this past weekend of our girls!

Brixie is getting so big!

Brixie and Zoey taking a break from wrestling. Zoey is half Lab half Great Dane and almost 2 years old. Brixie is 7 months old and getting up there to Zoey's size. Wowzers!

And I can't forget about Adrienne! When Brixie and Zoey are playing she likes to stay out of the way and at the top of the couch. She has no interest in getting in between those two, lol! Summer haircut coming soon!

So far I am doing good keeping up with my posting! I still have a lot to share so be sure to stay tuned this week! xoxo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Spring has officially arrived! But by the weather we had this past weekend you never would have known it. In the pictures below it looks gorgeous but I will say there were times that I thought I was going to get blown away or frost bite on my fingers. Despite the crazy weather we were determined to get the yard done and do a few other things around the house. It was totally worth it!

As I mentioned yesterday, Chris finally got rid of his p.o.s. and we bought him his first manly truck! We both absolutely love it and it has so much room its unbelievable! Chris has been keeping it clean and enjoying every second of it. It's his first time to have a brand new car smell (one of the greatest parts of buying something new). I am so thrilled that we were able to get this for him and its already come in handy when we had to load up all the plants and mulch!

This is our first spring in our house. Although the front landscaping was already done before we got there we weren't exactly in LOVE with it. It lacked color! We went back and forth debating on whether or not to redo the front. Here's the thing, our backyard has no landscaping what-so-ever and although we weren't thrilled with the front it was all ready done and didn't necessarily need to be changed. So should we focus on the back and do the front another time? Wait a second...we have a lab puppy whom loves to be outside in the backyard and has newly discovered the joys of digging. There was no way that we were going to invest in new plants and landscaping for the backyard, only for our money to be dug up by our beloved puppy. Not going to happen! So decision made...hold off and do the backyard next year when Brixie is a little older. So here is our progress after a long day of hard labor...

The new stuff going in...or part of it
Just part of the trash after digging stuff up

Our pretty azalea's

We trimmed up all the existing bushes, planted colorful items and added new mulch to the beds. We are really excited of results thus far but still have a few final touches to add. I can't wait to see it all grow! Now it really does feel like spring has arrived!

Ok so my time is up and I must get back to work. More pictures to come this week and more things to check off our never ending to-do list! xoxo

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bullet Points

So I am buckling down and really getting back into this blogging thing! I have missed it so much and although I still read all of yours on a daily basis, I myself have been slacking in the posting department. Shame on me! So for this whole week I promise to blog at least once a day! Ahhh...that's a big commitment but I am going to do it! Fair warning, Tuesday's and Thursday's posts will be short and sweet as I start my continuing education classes those nights.

Alot has been going on in our world so I am just going to put it in bullet points for you. Expect me to go into further detail this week!

  • Chris finally got a brand new manly truck! Goodbye P.O.S.!
  • We are planning a crawfish boil for the beginning of April. The turnout is looking great and we are soooo excited to have everyone over!
  • Chris and my dad completed the workbench in the garage. We now have a clean and organized workstation!
  • Brixie has gotten huge and is one smart dog. She has figured out several ways to escape her crate and chewed up a few pairs of our shoes. Knock on wood...she hasn't touched the furniture yet.
  • We just redid the front landscaping. We dug up ugly plants, added new pretty ones with more color as well as mulched the beds. Chris also put down the weed & feed in the front yard. This week we tackle the back!
  • I have classes starting tomorrow every Tuesday and Thursday till the end of April.
  • Easter is almost here and I have been soooo ready to slide on my white pants!
  • I was thoroughly enjoying the weather (flip flop and dresses) until mother nature decided she wanted to throw us for a loop and give us freezing cold weather. Luckily tomorrow it will be sunny and warm again!
  • Our calendar is booked solid on the weekends till mid-June! CRAZY and a little overwhelming!

Ok that is enough for now! More details to come later. I hope you all had an amazing weekend and a non-crazy Monday (wishful thinking right?)!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky Charm

He might kill me for posting this picture but he is my lucky charm on this St. Patty's Day and I love him! May you all have a little luck in your day!

I know I have been an awful blogger lately and I am sorry but we have been sooooo busy! I promise to get back in the game though...starting tomorrow, lol!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love my husband dearly and he means the world to me! But where would you be without your girlfriends? They are there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or when you just need a fun night out. It's not bitching, nagging or complaining with them, it's just talking. You know they are always there for you and the real ones stay even after you fight. I love my girlfriends! So here are a bunch of pictures of the ones that mean the most to me in no particular order. Love you girls!

So now its your turn! What do your girlfriends mean to you? Don't forget to post some pictures because we all love them!


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