Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woof! Woof!

We love both my precious girls! We have the best of both worlds. Each one is so different and unique! Adrienne is a little over 4lbs., as cute as can be, loves to cuddle, doesn't shed and I truly believe that she understands every word we say! Brixie is close to 50lbs., loves to play and run, has a ton of energy and has an absolutely stunning shinny coat. They brighten our days and give us unconditional love. I don't know what our lives would be like without our little ones.

When we first got Adrienne she was an absolute breeze to train. We had very few issues and all of which were easy to solve. She didn't stay in her crate long and it seemed like (I say this now) she was only in training for 2-3 weeks and done. She slept through the night, cuddled with us in bed, only chewed the furniture once and that was it. Only flaw...she is a compulsive licker. Easy!

Like I said Adrienne and Brixie are two totally different dogs. I absolutely adore Brixie! She brings out the playful side in us all, including Adrienne. She loves to fetch, sprawl out on the couch with her head on the arm rest (its too darn cute) and is observant to everything. She is also one super intelligent dog! As a puppy they like to test our limits, see how far they can go and what they can and cannot get away with. Well Brixie has definitely been testing us. We have been blessed with amazing neighbors, this is something that is soooo hard to find these days. Well during the day if Ryan is working from home he will come and let the dogs out of their crates to stretch, do their business and play with Ryan & Suz's dog Zoey. Well lately when Ryan has been going over there Brixie has be greeting him at the door. We too have come home to find Brixie like this acting as if nothing is wrong. Yep, we have an escape artist on our hands. This has happened on numerous occasions and often times leaving us stumped as the crate door is still locked. Do we have a magical dog on our hands? She has even figured out a way to bring the door inside of her crate instead of opening outwards. Seriously!? Most of the time she is good and when we do a search of the house everything is fine. But...she has chewed up a total of 3 pairs of my shoes! Not Chris' but MINE! What can I say, she's a girl so she likes my shoes better. But really! Chris' shoes can be laying around ALL over the house and I have one pair hidden and out of sight and she can find them. Not cool! Chris will laugh but only for a short time because its now costing him money buying me new shoes!

So last night we decided to put the heavy duty tie wraps around the edges of the crate so that she can't pull them out of socket. But will this work? The only way she can get out now is through the door. So we will see tonight when we get home if this plan has worked. Wish us luck! Although we face these challenges its been a great learning experience for us. She is just a puppy and testing her limits. I love her regardless and wouldn't trade her for anything. That goes for both our little ones!

Do any of you dog lovers have any tips you would like to share? I am all ears! For now though here are a few pictures from this past weekend of our girls!

Brixie is getting so big!

Brixie and Zoey taking a break from wrestling. Zoey is half Lab half Great Dane and almost 2 years old. Brixie is 7 months old and getting up there to Zoey's size. Wowzers!

And I can't forget about Adrienne! When Brixie and Zoey are playing she likes to stay out of the way and at the top of the couch. She has no interest in getting in between those two, lol! Summer haircut coming soon!

So far I am doing good keeping up with my posting! I still have a lot to share so be sure to stay tuned this week! xoxo


Stephanie said...

your babies are so gorgeous! super cute. i love our doggies too, so good to know another dog-lover out there.:)

Whitney said...

They are too cute for words! Love Adrienne ecspecially... but only because I am partial to Yorkies!

Caroline said...

They are too stinking cute! How far apart did you get them?

Jen said...

Oh I love this post; they are too cute!


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