Friday, March 26, 2010

Wine Time!

Tonight I get to spend the evening with these two amazing women! It's not often that the three of us get together due to crazy work schedules, but when we do we definitely cherish the moment. I can't wait to drink wine, snack and decorate my sister's new place! Which by the way, have I told yall lately how proud I am of my little sis!? She is growing up to be quiet the young lady. It's hard for me to accept that she is an adult and that yes we can go out and have a drink together...legally. She has a full time job, has a house and all the responsibilities of a grownup. Now if I can just find her Mr. Right! No rush though!

Well I better get going or I am going to be late! Don't want to miss any good gossip! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


Stephanie said...

awesome! i'm in the process of planning a girls night now! have fun :)

Emily said...

Have fun with your little sis! What kind of wine will you be drinking?

Jen said...

Have a wonderful time!


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