Friday, June 5, 2009

It's about to hit us!

Today is the day that we see OUR house completely empty! The previous owner is officially moving out today and clearing the way for us to begin our tasks as brand new homeowners! As I sit here at work today (obviously my mind is not where is should be) all I can think about is that feeling of unlocking our door and stepping into our new house for the very first time. Today it is going to feel real! Up to this point it has been a feeling of "wow this is awesome, we bought a house but we aren't moving into it yet so we have to wait, we just spent a crap load of money but we can't really enjoy it yet" kinda feeling. Now I think that once we step in the house tonight the shock is going to hit us like a brick wall "OMG, this is really our house, we really bought a house and this is ours, OMG." As scary as this all is, it is also extremely exciting and we can't wait. First is the task of painting the walls which we will begin next week. I'm afraid to show you the before pictures (not my taste at all) so you will just have to wait till I can show you the afters as well. If any of you love to paint just let me know, volunteers are always welcome!

Well I have to get back to work but I will hopefully post pics very soon! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful HOT weather! xoxo

Home Sweet Home


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new home... it's beautiful!! I had to laugh when I read your comment on my blog about the dress because I bought the Juliet simply because of the wedding you were in :) Meredith gave me a rave review so I ordered it up immed! Love your blog it's such a fun and sweet place to visit... and your pictures are gorgeous. xox

rusty bryce said...

Congratulations on the awesome new house, guys! I just finished moving myself, so I know how much “fun” you have in store. ;) Good luck with it!


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