Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello Spring

As if you couldn't already tell, I have been in hibernation!  There is something about the winter months that just puts me in a funk.  Once again I am going to try and give this blog thing a go and keep everyone updated on what's going on in the Lenz world.  So here we go.

I am beyond thrilled that Spring is almost here.  Dresses, pool time, gardening and crawfish is in my horizon!  I'm beyond ready for what the rest of 2012 is going to offer.  Below are all the things I am looking forward to and projects I have in mind for spring. 
{Hubby, get ready we are going to be busy}

Spring Project no.1: add bright colors into the living area like below!

Get in some much needed pool time!

It's been a monsoon in Houston lately and these neon pink Hunters would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe!

I am in love with this bikini top and I am in search a the most "flattering" bathing suit for summer.

If you haven't read The Hunger Games you should!  It's the great trilogy out there and come March we are making it a date night to go see the movie!

It's rodeo time here in Houston!  Time to pull out the cowboy boots, put on that denim dress and sing along to our favorite country tunes.

Loving all the bright hues coming to the stores.  I think I need to rework my wardrobe!

Isn't this outside bench adorable!  I think it's going to take some convincing to get the hubby to pull this one off!  Project Maybe

And I can totally see myself carrying this pretty thing all around town!

It's time to start picking out new plants for the yard.  Wish mine looked like this!

Kimono-style tops are the new rage and I have to admit it's pretty fabulous! I even got my own from target and I am loving it!

And since I have been so awful at taking pictures this year this is the only one of Chris and I in 2012.  Actually this was the other night.  In celebration of our friend Scott's last year in his 20's we did it up in a Beer Pong Tournament.  Chris and I kicked butt in the beginning but then slowly we went down.  All in all it was a blast!

Lenzo & Lady Lenz

Well here is to 2012 being the best year yet! And more blogging in the horizon!

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Britney said...

Love that bathing suit. I need details....brand? and where to buy :)

And very cute shirts you made!!


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