Monday, May 4, 2009

Top Night!!!

What an amazing weekend! It was a fun filled weekend to celebrate the bride to be, Megan! Friday night was spent at home getting things ready and making cupcakes for Megan's "Last Fling Before the Ring!" And then Friday was the big day! We started to the day off at Megan's shower hosted by her dear family friend Terri. Then afterwards it was off to the hotel to get the party set up! I think we did a beautiful job and it was exactly how we envisioned it would be and we just hoped that Megan would love it too! Hotel Zaza is the perfect place for an awesome bachelorette party!

The Bridesmaids after setting everything up, xoxo

The delicious dessert table

The room was absolutely gorgeous. Classy for a class bride!

All of her amazing gifts! She got some great things!

Her "Soon To Be Mrs. Lenz" Sash all wrapped up

I have to say Megan has some pretty extraordinary bridesmaids. We all have a great time when we get together and a common love for Megan! The night could not have been more perfect! After setting up we made our way to La Strada to get the party started! My sweet husband was kind enough to drop Megan off at the restaurant, I mean what Bride is going to drive on her bachelorette night?! Thanks babe! When the bride walked to the table she looked absolutely stunning! If she only new how much better the night was going to get. I had such a great time meeting all of her friends and putting a name with the face. I felt like I had already know these girls for so long and what a lucky bride to have such amazing friends! I have to say a thank you to all of them. They were so sweet and continually thanked all of us through out the night for a great time! I am so glad that they all made it. The dinner was a great success. We drank, we dinned on amazing food and had a great time socializing with one another celebrating such a wonderful event!

The Beautiful Bride

Her new sash!
First group shot! Do you like out splash of pink?
The yummy appetizers!
I had never been to La Strada before but I am definitely going back! Perfect place for a group dinner. After dinner we made our way back to the hotel. Megan was so surprised and so shocked! I am sooo glad that she loved it.

Where all the fun happened!

Waiting for the ladies to arrive

She was sooo excited

I love this picture of us girls! xoxo
The Panties Game
The Lovely Ladies
She is going to be a Lenz soon!! So excited to have another sister!
What an amazing room! You should have seen the view!
We played some hilarious games (I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard, we were in tears) and had a blast watching her open up her gifts. Great job ladies! After the hotel room we went down to check out the bar. After A drink we decided to take a shuttle to Whiskey Creek to end the night. My feet have never hurt so bad. We danced the night away and the bride had her fair share of yummy shots! Pictures to come later. Thank you to all the ladies that attended. You helped make Megan's special night a memorable one that she will never forget!

It was a FABULOUS weekend and couldn't have asked for anything better. Only 20 more days till the big day and 12 days till Chris and I celebrate our one year anniversary! I love May!!!

I promise to post more pictures soon! xoxo

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