Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fever Fashion

It's finally in the 70's here in Houston! Hallelujah!!! I don't mind the cold but it gets old really fast and I'm just not one to like to bundle all up unless I am sitting on the couch. So with this gorgeous weather I am starting to prepare my closet for a new spring/summer wardrobe. I have been roaming the web and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with Old Navy this season. I have always been a back and forth person when it comes to Old Navy. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they just fail! This coming season I give them a A+! Plus their prices are pretty darn good!

So here are a few of my top choices:

Left to right, top to bottom:

I've already called the hubby to see how soon we can go to Old Navy!
What's your favorite new spring fashions?

Let's hope this warmer weather is here to stay!



allie-mac-fallie said...

i am SO ready too! this post doesnt help ;)

Kerbi said...

We are so loving the warmer weather in San Antonio too!

Katie said...

Ahh, I love the early "Spring" we have in Texas! I popped into Old Navy today, and had to drag myself out of there...so many cute things at awesome prices! I'm loving Kohl's right now too...lots of girly, florals...also at great prices :)

the mcquire family said...

I am LOVING ON too!!! Such cute choices sweet girl, we need to go shopping together SOON!!! xoxo :)


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