Monday, January 19, 2009

Life in 4-D

What an amazing weekend! Chris and I both took a mini trip to Galveston this past weekend to get away and spend some quality time together. We both took half days on Friday and headed down to the ocean. Lots has changed down there with the damage of Hurricane Ike. Many, many, many houses were destroyed or suffered major damage but they we picking themselves back up again and rebuilding. Its been so long since we had last been there but it was somewhat surreal to be standing on the sea wall and remember the news footage of the waves crashing high above it. Its a tragedy to see all the effects that a hurricane can make.

On a positive note we went to Moody Gardens on Saturday! We had not been there since we were little and alot had changed. We got to go on a 4D FX show (they splashed water on us when the whale splashed in the water). It was pretty neat (not as good as Disney though). We also were able to enjoy seeing the penguins! This is something that we have not had at the Houston Zoo in a long time so it was really cool to see. Those guys can swim at some fast speeds!

Don't we look cool in our 4D glasses!

They were so cute!

Yesterday we spent the whole day looking at houses. We visited 10 houses (next time we will not be seeing that many in one day). It was very exhausting and exciting all at once. We got to see some great houses and some not so great ones. Each house had a different layout and design to it. One thing we have been spoiled on is having big backyards growing up, something that they seldom make these days. We saw some great potentials but I don't think we have found "the one" yet. This is something that is going to take time and with such a big decision as it is we are going to take that time and really pick the right house that fits us in all ways. We were able to decide what we really liked and what we could not deal with. We both learned so much and going forward we will be able to better pinpoint what we are looking for.

Well I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a great week ahead! xoxo

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