Monday, November 16, 2009

Artist in my house!

Does the weekend have to be over? We had an awesome weekend and I am so sad its over. Friday night after work I headed over to Megan & J's house for some final painting on the inside of their lovely house. We can both say that our previous owners were some pretty funky painters. We painted the walls and even the ceilings! I was sooo sore the next day but it was great hanging out with them and even Chris came and joined the guys later that night. Good family fun!

The next morning I woke up bright and early to take Brixie for her follow-up at the vet. She is a healthy 11 lb. girl! She doubled her size and still growing! The vet said she is a guaranteed 80 to 90 lb dog. Needless to say she has already grown out of her crate and into what Chris and I call her mansion, lol! Pics to come later.

Later that morning Chris and I headed to the Houston Buddy Walk for The Down Syndrome Association. We had an absolute blast and walked for this little guy below. Chris works with his mom and he signed us up as soon as he heard about the walk. Nick is such a sweet kid and boy does he love to dance. The theme for his team this year was Nick's Rock Stars. Through out the whole walk we jammed to "Party like a Rock Star" and the whole time he was dancing and moving his head to the beat! We can't wait to do it again next year!

After the walk we headed home to take a power nap and start to get ready for Chris' art show later that evening. Some of you know Chris but many don't know that he loves to paint. Or friend Chad got him started on this talent and Chris has a real passion for it. This was Chris' first art show and he was really nervous. He had originally painted another piece for the show but wasn't able to submit it do to it still not being dry but he was still able to put in one of his others. Our neighbors and Chris' parents joined us for the event. We drank wine, listened to music, ate a little and mingled our way throughout the art show. As the night progressed people began to bid on pieces and with much excitement we discovered someone had bid on his! Yes, he sold his first piece! I have an artist in the house! And to top it off half of it went to charity. I am so proud of him and so excited! He is more motivated now to keep going and I even have a few projects for him in the near future!

My hubby the artist!

His piece sold for $200! Good job babe!
I was actually there when he painted this one and had to take a few snaps.

So glad that I did but so sad to see it go.

Chad helping him relax and motivating him
Sunday we did a few things around the house and just had a relaxing day. So sad its over! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

More to post later! I promise!


Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

I loved the picture:) Glad you had such a good weekend. I'm sure that walk was very rewarding!

Jenn said...

Congrats to Chris!! Sounds like a fun weekend! That was awesome of you guys to do the walk! :) Love ya!

Lauren said...

That is amazing- and even better that $100 of his hard work went to a good cause!

Oh, and I HAVE to ask... that "Chad" pictured didn't by chance go to USC did he? I had a buddy named Chad that is a DEAD RINGER for him!


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