Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Tis the Season

I absolutely love this time of year! I must admit I started decorating last weekend. I know, I know, I completely caved in and did it before Thanksgiving. But I just couldn't resist the holiday cheer. The house is all decked out and the tree is fully decorated. Last year the apartment was a winter wonderland and stuffed with Christmas decor from floor to ceiling. But since moving into the house I am beginning to see that we don't have as much as I thought we did. I will be taking advantage of the after holiday sales to fill up my home for next year but what we have will do for now.
Some of the things I love about Christmas time:
  • The Lights - I absolutely love looking at Christmas lights. They fill shopping centers and line the streets to make it glow. I love driving into our neighborhood and seeing all the outside Christmas decor! I wish we could do our this year but it will have to wait.
  • Christmas Music - starting the day after Thanksgiving our local Sunny 99.1 plays nothing but Christmas music till the end of the year. I love hearing my favorite tunes! Growing up my dad and I would always listen for "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" and every time I hear it now it brings me back to the first time I heard it. And now its seems to be the only radio station Chris and I listen to when we get in the car.
  • The Smell - I love walking into a house with the smell of cinnamon, spices and peppermint. It's so welcoming and puts me in the spirit.
  • Christmas Cards - I always look forward to checking the mail at this time. It's when we start to receive the Christmas cards! I love seeing what people are up to and knowing that no matter the crazy time of year someone is thinking of us as we think of them.
  • The Advent Calendar - growing up in the Beene household was always fun in December. We would each try to be the first one up to move the reindeer from date to date on our Advent calendar. My dad would even try to hide it from us until he got home so that he could be the one to do it. It became our family tradition and I hope to pass it on to our children.
  • The Wrapping - I have already gotten the majority of mine done. I feel that the wrapping is half the present. It's fun putting all the paper and bows and extras together to finalize the gift. I always feel bad tearing it up.

Those are just a few of things at the top of my head but I know that I could go on and on. Maybe I will make that for another days post.

This week is a busy one. I have 3 Scentsy parties lined up, woohoo! I am thrilled! Then on Wednesday my department at work is getting together to write 200 Christmas cards to the soldiers overseas. It's so sad to think that they won't be with their loved ones on Christmas but I am beyond thankful for all that they do to keep us safe at home. No words can express how appreciative I am to them!

I just weighed Brixie today and she is 17 lbs! Wowzer! I can't believe how much she has grown. Everyday she gets bigger and bigger. She has learned to sit and we are teaching her to lay. She goes straight to her crate when its time for bed. And when she needs to go out she rings the bell that we hung from the back door. She has been such a blessing. Even Adrienne is loving her! Sorry ladies I don't have any good photos. She doesn't stay still long enough for them to come out clear, lol.

Ok I gotta run. My shows are about to start. I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Pictures to come in the next post! xoxo


The Hardwick's said...

Love your blog! My dad and I used to listen to "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas", it was my favorite Christmas song growing up!

Brittany said...

I totally agree with you! I especially love the lights and the smells. Something about it just puts you in a great mood! :)

The Sturgeon's Story said...

The radio station in my car NEVER changes from 99.1 in December... I love Christmas music.

Tamstyles said...

i agree with them all

Jayme said...

1. love the new look!
2. love christmas too
3. show us your decor!
4. even blurry pictures of a pup would make us happy! :)
...hope your thanksgiving was lovely!


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