Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proposals, Dress Shopping & Sprinkles!

Wow I am on a roll! Two post now in one week! See I told yall I am getting back into this blogging thing. I really have missed it so much.

So a few weeks back our close friends Chad and Lauren got engaged! We are so thrilled for them and so glad that they found each other. Lauren is actually a long time friend of Chris' and through that Lauren and I became close as well. We were even neighbors for 2 years as we lived one apartment over from each other - great for those late night wine nights! Chad proposal was perfect and one that will never be forgotten. So here is a short version of the proposal. Lauren is an interior designer whom owns her own business. Often times she gets rolls of fabric sent to the house for her clients. Well on that special day she received a large fabric roll at the door. She brought it inside and placed it in the office not thinking anything of it. However in the back of her mind she was thinking that she hadn't ordered any to be delivered yet. Little did she know that Chad was hiding around the corner waiting for her to open the package. She turned around and there he was home from work and no car in sight. He planned on surprising her but that didn't quiet go as planned. He was hoping that she would have opened the box but she didn't. So he played it cool and they hung out for awhile before Chad finally convinces her to open the package. When she opens the package she sees the fabric and he tells her to roll it out to further inspect it. As she rolls it out she sees that on the fabric is embroidered with the word "Will You Marry Me?" She tells him that the package must have been delivered to the wrong person but then turns around to see him kneeling on one knee! He couldn't have done a better job! Not only did it fit her personality but he also got the fabric to match the bedroom and had them embroider it far enough in so that they could make it into a pillow. Great job Chad! So happy for the two of you! Ok maybe that wasn't the short version lol! And to make things even more exciting they asked both Chris and I to be in the wedding! Chris is an usher and I am a bridesmaid! So excited for the big day, April 30, 2011, and for all of the events in between!

The Bride & Groom to be!
The special proposal

Her way of asking me to be a bridesmaid. They were delivered to the house!

So with proposals comes wedding shopping! It was a last minute thing but there was a great event called Brides Against Breast Cancer that was held in Houston over the weekend. Lauren, her mom, Chad's mom and myself were thrilled to make it to the event. The dresses were marked at a discount price but all the proceeds went to the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation! What a great way to make a difference! She not only found a dress but it also went to a great cause!

Amy (grooms mom), Lauren and Ann (Mother of the Bride)

Brides Against Breast Cancer
The Bride to Be excitedly waiting to dry on dresses!
Waiting for the fashion show to begin! So excited that I got to be apart of this!
One of the dresses on the runway! Sorry ladies but I can't show "the one"!

Yesterday I was beyond excited to meet up with Jenn & Megan to test out the new Sprinkles Cupcakes that just opened in Highland Village! We have all heard wonderful things about it and we finally were able to test them out for ourselves! It did not disappoint! Best cupcakes I have ever had! EVER!

Me, Megan & Jenn waiting in the crazy line!
The menu! This does not include their specials! Check out the website for more!
Eek!!! The anticipation is building
I got the Lemon Blueberry Cupcake! It was a little piece of heaven!

It was all decorated for the 4th of July!
I am going back again today to get some for work! They are going to love me! So I need to go pick them up now! Hope you are all having a great week so far! Mines busy but its good!


Brittany said...

What a neat event! Love it!

I've been craving cupcakes for a few days now and decided to make some for the 4th. Great post!!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

WOW...i have heard about those cupcakes before, they are supposed to be the best around!
Great pics!!

Jenn said...

Yay for 2 blogs in 2 days!

I kinda knew the propsal story but not detail for detail.. I got goose bumps reading it! Has she made the pillow yet?

Yay for Sprinkles, your going back?!?! They better not have Vanilla today or I will not be happy, haha!!

Emily said...

LOVE the new header on your blog! Cheers!

Stephanie said...

that is the most unique proposal story yet! so thoughtful and sweet!


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