Thursday, July 22, 2010

No time for resting!

Whew! What a summer so far!!! We have been moving non-stop the whole time and I definitely need a break but there is just no time for that! I have been working hard and playing harder lately. I have been such a bad picture taker and lately (I'm sorry Jenn & Tracey) but I have been relying on others to take the pictures for me. Shame on me! So here is just a tease of the things we have been doing!

Lauren & Chad's Engagement Party

We had such an amazing time celebrating Lauren & Chad's engagement! I'm not sure that it will ever be topped! We partied all night long, stayed up till 7am in the morning (haven't done that in forever; definitely paid for it the next day!) and danced and sang along to one of the most amazing bands ever, Mothers Anthem! If you haven't heard their stuff before, you have to! Chad's brother, Drew, is in the band and they offered to play at the engagement party. What an amazing gift! Seriously, they are so talented and their music is contagious. My favorite is "God Save the Queen" and "Holding You Hostage." They are based out of Austin, Texas but travel all over. In fact they are playing in Houston this Sunday night! We have been to many of their concerts and its always a blast!

This past weekend was a "Girls Only" weekend which was much needed! We headed down to Jenn's river house for some fun in the sun, lots of girl talk and just an overall great time! There is something about being close to a body of water that just takes all the stresses away! We road the boat, ate lots of yummy food and caught some rays and a little bit of rain. Thanks again Jenn for such an awesome weekend!
Jenn, myself, Megan and Lindsey kicking off the weekend!
Yep we are all bloggers! Go visit their blogs and become followers! Such fun girls!

Saturday when the other girls arrived!
Jenn was so sweet and go us all towels! Love her!
Can't wait to go back!

Lately I have been completely obsessed with DIY projects! Our front room has been empty for over a year and like any house each room has its purpose. It was original built to be the dinning room but those can be so formal and never get used. So we have opted to have another sitting room. We love to entertain so it would be a great place for the ladies to gather as the guys watch the fights or games. We are hoping to get new couches by the end of this year and move the existing ones into the front room.
Here is the front room now.

Since this picture was taken I have painted a dresser and side table that was at my parents house and now has a new home in this room. I really want to make this room comfortable and yet elegant. I have gotten shades for the chandelier and plan on adding some hanging crystals. Here are a few ideas I had in mind:

So what do you think? I have gotten alot of great ideas from Young House Love and like I said I am all about the DIY projects. I plan on making the curtains and pillows myself and have already printed up a million pictures for the picture wall. Many of trips to HomeGoods will be had and I would love all of your ideas and opinions as well! I don't want to spend alot of money since you know it doesn't grow on trees but I want a room that is fun and inviting. For you new homeowners: do you still have empty rooms or rooms that you are wanting to redo? Share your tales!
Ok I better get back to work before the boss catches me! At least tomorrow is Friday!!! I'm surviving another week!


Jenn said...

Yay for blogging!!!!!!! I've missed you doing that!

LOVE the picture wall for the front room, the design with the frames in your living room is awesome and I know the one in the front room would be great as well!!!!

I still can't believe you guys stayed up till 7am! Been a longg time since I've done that!

Thanks for the shout out! Def a good weekend!

♥ H ♥ said...

I love all your ideas for the house!! And def a fun time at the river. If only I could have stayed longer :( Next time!!!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love your ideas for your front room. Can't wait to see pics of it when it's all finished.


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