Monday, February 23, 2009

Arts & Crafts

It was much needed that Chris and I had a fun filled weekend and that is exactly what we had. We started the weekend off with drinks with friends in Midtown. We had a blast! Although, I can really tell that I just can't hang like we used to. Come midnight we both ready to come home and just conk out. Saturday morning we woke up early and attend a really informational seminar about mortgages and the process of all that goes into buying a house. There is so much that we had no idea about and all the great tips that could really help Chris and I in building our first home together. The rest of the afternoon was spent with dear friends that we just don't get to see as much as we would like! We had a blast at their luau and was able to catch up on what's been going on. We have missed hanging out with them but hopefully once we are closer we will be able to see one another more often. Saturday night was an unfortunate one though. We were not able to go out for one of our best friend's birthdays (Happy Birthday Icon!) because I got really sick that night. Not fun when you can't even sleep cause you feel so crummy. So we owe you a night out Icon! Sunday I was feeling much better so Chris and I joined our friends Lauren and Chad for a day of crawfish and arts & crafts. Crawfish season has finally arrived! I absolutely love my crawfish! We went to the great hole in the wall place that serves the best crawfish. Not too spicy and they are already huge (something rare for the beginning of the season). After we devoured 4 lbs each we headed to their house for arts and crafts. Lauren and I worked on a mosaic project that I have been meaning to start for the last 4 years. Well with the upcoming house now has been the perfect time to start all these little projects. As Lauren and I were putting together the mosaic the boys were inside letting their imagination take over in their paintings. Chris created a great piece of art work and I can't wait for it to dry so that we can hang it up. He has really improved from his last piece of work and over time he will be even more amazing! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and can't wait to hear about them. Have a great Monday!

Chris and I at Community Bar

Crawfish time

Lauren & Chad

Can't wait for the final product!

That's my hubby using his creativity!

Pondering on his painting

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