Friday, February 13, 2009

Scary Night

So last night Christopher and I went through an experience that we never wish upon anyone! Chris was working late last night trying to work some overtime to make a little extra money and came home around 9pm. As he was walking on the sidewalk to the apartment Chris was confronted by two men and was held at gun point. They took his phone and his wallet and then disappeared. He ran into the house and told me to call 911. Chris is fine but we are both really shook up. The cops came and we filed a report and as soon as we were done calling 911 I called our bank and put a hold on all of our cards and his phone. He was not carrying any cash as we normally don't. It is such a scary feeling knowing that we are not safe in our apartment. There is nothing that the apartments can do and we are legally bound to our lease unless we decide to fork over a lot of money to break it. So now we just have to wait and move out at the end of the summer and hope that the house we build will be done on time. If we weren't planning on building or buying a house right now we would for sure be moving to a more safe location but to do so at the moment is not good for us. So here I sit in my living room with the heaviest golf club nearby, praying that all will be well. They know where we live and that is the scary part. With the economy the way that it is, I know that there are some desperate people out there. But I hope that they come to their senses and find another safe way to make it. Please be safe where ever you might be. Times are tough and some people go to the extreme. All we can do is pray to God to help protect us and keep us strong through times like these. I hope that everyone has a safe and fun weekend. Happy Valentines Day!

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Kim said...

I'm glad that ya'll are okay. It is tough out there...and people seem to be doing extreme things to try to make ends meet.


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