Monday, April 27, 2009

HGTV Addict

I know that I have a lot to share but my mind is all over the place that I can't seem to focus on what we have done in the last week. Yesterday we spent a wonderful day at my parents house celebrating my sweet mom's birthday! I won't tell you her age but she sure doesn't look it! I just hope I look half as good at her age. We had lots of laughs, plenty of good talks and great food! My grandparents even decided to join us for the special occasion. There is nothing better than being with your family and having a great time!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

The majority of my time has been towards getting the house to-do list items checked off. Negotiations: check. Inspection: check. Home Insurance: check. Lots and lots to do! It's been super stressful but extremely exciting at the same time. I have become addicted to HGTV (thanks Dad!) and even became a member of their online website, lol! So many great inspirations. Here are just a few ideas that I envision for my master.

Current owners designInspiration #1
Inspiration #2

We are painting the bedroom a dark mocha color to give it a rich, romantic look. Which design do you like better? The first task we will be conquering will be painting the entire inside of the house. We have already picked out our colors and can't wait to get started.

Tonight us bridesmaids are getting together to wrap up the final details for Megan's bachelorette party coming up this Saturday! I can't believe that its already here! Wow, time has really flown by! It's going to be a quite an event filled with lots of games, laughter and amazing gifts for the bride-to-be!

Lots to do this week but I will try to post again soon. I need to get better about being more consistant! Hope everyone has a great week! xoxo


Jenn said...

I like the top and last bedroom. I really like the 3rd one but in the mocha color you want!
OMG I can't wait to see the house!

Angela said...

You should also check out Design Sponge and apartment therapy- that is always my go to resource for do-it-yourself design inspiration.

Lindsey said...

HAHA I am totally an HGTV addict too!! I friggin love Candice Olsen!! I had the same mocha color picked out in my head for my future BR. I love the inspiration #1-- but I would switch it and put the mocha color on the wall (that's what you said you wanted, right?) and have an awesome cream upholseterd headboard with and jazz up the accessories and make it more fresh and funky and less blah traditional. Anyway I'm jealous! I can't wait to get my house and decorate it..... hopefully within the next 10 years! ha.

Anonymous said...

I love inspiration #3. Go for that one!!!


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