Friday, August 7, 2009

On a Mission

It's finally Friday and this weekend consists of yet another busy one. But before I get into that lets have a recap of the week! Tuesday night Jonathan & Megan made their way out to Katy to join us for Taco Night at our house. I actually made my way around the kitchen and after some ghetto-rigged rice cooking and an oven timer that I am still trying to figure out, we were able to enjoy some yummy taco/taco salads. I promise I am going to get better at this cooking stuff. I can make delicious desserts though, lol! Thanks M&J for coming out!

The following afternoon I was on a mission: finding the perfect fabric for our headboard and bedding accents to go into our master suite. As I have mentioned before we are redoing our master. I have never had a room that is fully complete and all flows together and now that we have a house of our own I think that it is about time! Lauren, with Triple L Designs, and I made our way to Interior Fabrics for their huge sale and so the search began. After many selections, we cut our swatches and made our way out to join the boys for happy hour and to discuss choices. I was so thrilled when Chris picked the same one that I was envisioning. Now off to the upholsters it goes and the headboard and dust ruffle will be done before we know it! So I can check that off the list.

These are a few of the selections but you will have to wait to see which one I picked.

Tomorrow our king size bed will be delivered and we cannot wait! To have a good nights sleep is something that we haven't been able to do for a very long time (without the aid of a tiny blue pill) and we are thrilled that the night is almost here! So tonight Chris and I are going to tackle the guest bedroom. We are taking our old furniture and moving it into the guest bedroom and hanging art work and adding our special touches to the room. It's really all starting to come together!

Saturday will be a day of running around, mowing the yard (Chris, not me) and finishing up some little things that need to be done, then we are heading in town to spend an evening at the Watts household! Gotta love UFC!

Hopefully starting next week I am going to add a new section to this blog. It may take some time but hopefully it will be a success!

Have a safe and fun weekend! xoxo

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