Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall Lineup...not yet!

So times have been a little tough lately and my stress level to an ultimate high. I can't really say what it is at the moment but eventually it will all work itself out with God's guidance. He has a plan for me but I just haven't quiet figured out what it is yet.

When I get stressed I love to bury myself in a good book or a good tv show. Now a big topic with people these days is that there is nothing on tv right now. Yes, the fall lineup doesn't start for ANOTHER month, but to say that there is nothing on tv right now is false...very false! I am actually loving a number of shows right now that I just can't get enough of!

My ultimate favorite right now is Giuliana & Bill! They are a fun loving couple that have everyday arguments like the rest of us and are still trying to figure out life as newlyweds. He wants to live in the city and she wants to live in the suburbs. She loves to dress up and he loves to wear golf shirts. If you haven't caught an episode of this show yet then you must!

Another show that I am now obsessed with is The Rachel Zoe Project. I was flipping through channels the other night and came across this show. Not only did it provide laughter and drama but it also gave me a glimpse into what Rachel Zoe is really like. I have to admit, I never really cared for Rachel Zoe before and now I have a whole new prospective of her and I really like her.

Now this is one that both you and your man would love. TNT's Dark Blue started up mid summer and ever since then each episode tops the previous one. Once you think it can't get any does! This show is about a group of undercover cops that put themselves in extreme positions to catch the bad guys. They are so secretive that even their own police force doesn't know they exist. Not only is the show amazing but the men are hot in that bad boy kinda way! Ladies trust me you will like this!

This week has been a really tough one and its time to get away for the weekend. So Chris and I are joining his parents for a weekend in Lake Conroe. It's exactly what we need! So I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and if you can catch one of these shows do it! You might just love it! xoxo

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Tamstyles said...

i love bill and g...and rachel z. i love pics of men looking at their women so loving like their pic. i have one big as day on my desk (LOL)


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