Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween & Wishful Wednesday...Costume

'I wish' .... I was six years old and going trick or treating, and my costume would be this cute little bumble bee!

I can see myself buzzing around all over the place! Isn't it adorable?! I absolutely love Halloween. From the day I was born it was always a big thing in our house. Each year I would pretend and be whatever my heart desired from a baby doll, to a pumpkin, Cleopatra, princess, M&M and the list goes on and on.

As an adult not much has changed. Both Christopher and I absolutely love Halloween. In fact, one of our first real outings with our friends was a Halloween party which also included our first picture. Sorry its at home in an album. Each year its been a big deal for us. For the last three years we have rented a place downtown along with one of our closest friends and thrown an amazing Halloween bash. It had become quite the tradition! But this year will be the first year we won't be hosting it :(. It's also our first Halloween in our new house so I am really looking forward to all the trick or treaters. Don't worry though we are still dressing up for a big party that night but its hosted by one of our best friends. The costumes are in the works as we speak but you will have to wait till Monday to see it! Below are some pictures from the previous years. Enjoy!

Ref & Reno 911

Warning this picture is quite scary. It's the year of Borat! Be glad I didn't show the other side!

Jennifer & I

Flapper, Reno 911, Ref & Ali G

Dark Angel & YMCA Construction Worker
I miss my long hair!

This was hilarious! Crazy Guys!

Jennifer & I again! I loved that sailor costume

It was the year before we got married and this guy dressed up as Chris with a ball & chain with my future initials on the ball. Just lovely!

Army chick & Guinness Beer guys

Jenn, Corey, Jonathan & Laura
Would you believe they made these costumes!

Lauren & I
The Chris'

Jennifer, Tracey, Lauren & I


Non-Halloween related:
Brixie is getting bigger by the day. I am trying to take as many pics as I can now before she gets any bigger. She loves chasing Adrienne all over the house, playing with her ropes, crouching down like a cub to attack her prey (Adrienne), eat until her tummy is full, roll around in the grass and explore until her hearts content. And she sleeps like a baby!

Enjoying the nice weather outside. Yes she is sleeping.

Her big bowls! She will grow into them but for now they are so big that she puts her paws in her food bowl when she eats.

I keep trying to get pics of Adrienne as well but she isn't staying still quite long enough to snap the pic. This is usually when Brixie is about to pounce on her. She has been looking over her shoulder all week waiting for Brixie to come whip the corner. But last night was a huge success, they actually played with one another. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far. Hard to believe it's only Wednesday!


Caroline said...

I love the bee costume. And your pups are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Look at this blog.. It's that cute lil bumble bee in the pic. mommy.

Cute blog!!

Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

Brixie is SOOOO cute! I can't wait to get another dog. Lily is enjoying being queen of the house though. We will probably try to get another dog once we buy a house:)

Loved the post! Happy Halloween!

Hailey {HRH} said...

OMG she is so so so so CUTE!!!!!! love her!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You and all your friends go ALL out -- and the Borat photo was SHOCKING! haha, was that guy your friend? Hilarious!

Tracy-Girl said...

Love your blog... and Love the bumble bees!! :) You two have quite the costume collection and I love it

Emily said...

I love the picture of your new puppy eating with her paws in the bowl! So tender!

Angela said...

I love all the costumes! I'm still trying to figure one out.

Jenn said...

LOVE all the pics! Esp the Borat one, I snapped that one and got your face perfect, I'm good, ha jk! Thanks for putting so many pics up of me :)
What party are yall going to this year?

Mrs. Watts said...

This year my costume will prolly not be near last years! But still a classic!

HaNgiN' wiTh tHe BrAdfORdS said...

okay. that borat thing. AWESOME. i want to meet him. we could be great friends :)

and ps- i wear the scarf from you ALL THE TIME. seriously. LOVE.IT.

im so glad i could benefit from your good taste my friend :)


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