Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Spice

Ladies, yall are absolutely amazing! Your response to the giveaway has been way more than I was ever expecting and I am so thrilled. Thank you soooo much for becoming followers. I love meeting new friends in the blogging world and its been wonderful getting to know so many of you! If you haven't entered yet don't worry you still have plenty of time and remember if you spread the word and post about it you get entered an additional two times!

Fall is officially here and Texas is feeling it...FINALLY! This weekend has been cold, wet and rainy and I must admit...I am loving it! The Friday afternoon storms brought in the chilly weather and hopefully it is here to stay. It has given me the chance to wear my gorgeous new scarf from the sweet Roxanne and the opportunity to light my latest purchase...the Pumpkin Spice scent by Tyler Candles. It screams fall!

Chris and I had a wonderful weekend. It started off at RA with sushi and drinks to celebrate our newest friend Suzanne's 30th birthday! Chris and I moved into our house not too long ago and we have just now begun to really meet our neighbors. We are blessed with neighbors on both sides of us that we absolutely adore. From the moment we met Ryan and Suzanne, to the right of us, it was an instant friendship and we have hung out numerous times since and have already made plans in the near future. We had an absolute blast with them Friday night and it was a great way to start of the weekend. Saturday Chris and I were moving a little slow, you can blame it on the alcohol. But that night we were ready to go for a game night at the Watts Household. They just moved into their house and it looks amazing. I am trying to get her back into blogging again!!! I just know that she will find it so rewarding.

Today has been a lazy one, sorta. We ran a bunch of errands earlier this afternoon but after Chris treated me to my favorite place for fried pickles it was time to come home and relax. So I am sitting here with my sweet yorkie snoozing in my lap while I type away and smell that pumpkin spice scent coming from the kitchen. Tonight I am making breakfast for dinner, one of Chris and I's favorite thanks to my Mimi whom used to make it all the time for us. I am going to finally test out our waffle maker. Yep, we have been married for a year and a half and I still haven't made those waffles yet. I will let you know how they turn out.

Michele Update: she looks sooo much better than she did last week. She is a fast healer and I know that in no time she will be back to normal. She is going to try and go to work tomorrow. I am not sure how long she will last and I must admit I am a little nervous. So wish her luck!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and stayed warm and cozy.


the tichenor family said...

Yum! I so want this candle burning in my house right now. I need to make a stop somewhere that sells Tyler to update my fall candle selection. I am burning the knockoff Target version right now and it's not quite cutting it.

Breakfast for dinner is the best. Enjoy!!

Jenn said...

I agree with Mer! I need to update my Tyler collection.. May have to make a stop at Magpies tomorrow!

SO jealous of your yummy dinner!

Jenn said...

Oh PS.. Will you please tell me how to put stuff on the left side?

A Wedding Story said...

Use that waffle maker girl! It's ridiculously easy isn't it? I started making waffles on Saturdays after we got married but I've been slacking off lately!

Jenny said...

I'm so bummed because Joey doesn't like spice smells! Can you believe it? So every fall smelling candle I have him smell, he turns up his nose! Ugghhh!

Tara said...

We got a waffle maker for our wedding too and we have yet to use it. How did they turn out?
We make pancakes and sausage for dinner a couple times a month.

Lauren said...

So, I have a favorite place for fried pickles too... I'm wondering if we have the same place in mind? :)


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