Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take a tour with the Lenz's

Welcome to the Lenz's! I know many of you were not able to attend the festivities but don't fret. You are always welcome in our household and we would love to have you! Till then take a tour of our house from the convenience of your computer. Keep in mind there is still so many things that Chris and I want to accomplish and we are no where near finished. Still lots to decorate, improve and fill in the empty rooms. But all in due time. Hope you enjoy!
A view from the front (minus the chairs)

Future front seating area and niche in the entrance

The Kitchen where my hubby makes some wonderful meals and I am still learning

The chalkboard project and our amazing bar

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Room (my father-in-law watching the game)

Master Suite
View from our backyard


There is a lot more to come. I didn't even show you our office or laundry room. Lot's will change as we figure out what works and what doesn't and what we are still missing. I have to say though it has been a blast being homeowners and can't wait to get to the finished product. Not sure if that will ever happen though, lol! Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather and can't wait for the weekend to finally arrive!


Jenn said...

So much to say...
*I wanna see all in person!
*Chalkboard frame turned out great! I wanna make one! HELP!
*LoVe LOve the living room tables and entertainmentent cetner, it looks great, love allthe pic frames on it!
*Didn't see any pics of the office.. Not done yet?
Congrats on your first home!

Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

Love everything Danielle!!! I can't wait for us to have a house too:)

the tichenor family said...

Love the chalkboard frame, I think I will make a mini one for the kitchen or laundry one too!

Love the view in your backyard, that windmill is TOO cute!

Everything looks great... congrats on your first lovely home!

pocket full of pink said...

Thank you SO much for your sweet comment! Your home is BEAUTIFUL! How exciting!!

The Wife said...

Love the house! It is amazing!

Adorably Distracted... said...

your house is beautiful!! thanks for becoming a follower!

Jenny said...

Hey, wish we could have been there! House looks SO cute and we'll have to see it in person sometime soon. :)

Katie said...

your house is beautiful! thanks for following my blog!


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