Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craving Fall: Part 2

School has officially begun in Texas and you can feel it on the way to work in the mornings. The traffic is just awful. Hopefully it is only like this for a week or two. With the start of school it makes me long for new pens, a sharp stylish backpack and spiral notepads. I always loved back-to-school shopping. Just not the actual school part, lol!

The sounds of school bells and buses also means that fall is not too far behind. Now in Texas fall doesn't really exist. Our leaves don't turn the pretty shades of orange, red or yellow. The weather doesn't really cool down till December and then it just turns cold. But despite all that we sure do love to fake the fall. My favorite part it is the decor. The warm colors and pumpkins all around. Here are some of the home decor looks I will be going for this fall.

Think of sitting here for a drink of Apple Cider and yummy desserts!

I long for the days where we stayed outside and played in the leaves as kids then coming inside to the smells of cinnamon and apples. That's what this reminds me of.

Doesn't it all look inviting?! Letting the outdoors make their way inside. Love it! I can't wait to hit up the HomeGoods to see what I can find!

Tune in tomorrow, it's a post all about scarves and a DIY project I just completed! Happy Tuesday!


Stephanie said...

yes yes yes! i love everything about fall (except the back to school crowds and traffic). love the decor!

Emily said...

Oooo, you've remind me to start thinking of Halloween costumes!!! I love coming up with a fun couples costume!!

Paige said...

Ahh, I am so excited about fall!

Kerbi said...

I can't wait for fall! love that dinning room picture!

Josh Healy said...

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Jenny said...

Me too, me too! So excited about Fall!!!


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