Thursday, August 19, 2010

Craving Fall

Good morning!!! Is anyone else as excited as I am that tomorrow is Friday?! Today I am sore from working out, ready for the work day/week to be over and ready for my dryer to be fixed. Despite all that I am really in a good mood! Any special reason...nope. Just am.

So last night I changed out the scents in my house. I am so ready for the fall weather that I wanted to get a jump start. Right now I have the oh so yummy Honey Pear Cider going in the kitchen and the living room. It's making me crave for cooler weather, big sweaters and boots. Scarves, jackets and warm colors. I have so many things I want to get for the fall season both for me and for my house!

Just a few of my wants

More to come next week!

This weekend my friend Lauren and I are hosting a doggy birthday party for our little dogs that just turned one. Yep you read that right, a doggy birthday party. Hey I don't have kids yet and any excuse to have a party is a good one for me. Everything will be dog related. Hot dogs, Puppy Chow and even Doggy cupcakes. We have a pool for the dogs to play in and there will be toys galore. Should be a good paw-ty!

Yummy Puppy Chow

Hope yall are all having a great week. Only one more day of work and then our weekend will begin! xoxo


Heather said...

I just posted about wanting Fall yesterday...I am so ready. I bought a bunch of Fall Yankee candles and told my hubby Sept 1 they are getting lit.

Emily said...

I love your new blog design!

B said...

I am seriously craving fall. Anything to get me out of this 100 degree weather! It's nuts how hot is has been.

And that puppy show looks SO good. I have not had it in SO long.


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