Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a PAW-TY!

What a fun and eventful weekend! I hope all you ladies had the same! Since we don't have babies yet some of us have to make do with our fur-babies and what better way to do that than throwing a doggy birthday party. Yep ladies and gents, Brixie just turned 1! What a year of potty training, many chewed up flip-flops and of course lots of loving! Brixie has turned out to be quite an amazing dog! I feel like it was just yesterday when she first arrived in the Lenz household! She was so tiny. Now she is a full 60 lbs! Crazy how time flies by. Not only did Brixie have her birthday but she got to share it with her friend Abby whom has the same day birthday and she also turned 1! In total we had 7 dogs attend and surprisingly it went really well. No fights just lots of playing in and out of the pool, chasing each other around and trying to stay cool in the heat! So without further adieu here is a recap of the party in pictures!

Happy Birthday fence drawing
Adrienne ready to party. This one is for you Gigi!
Yummy Puppy Chow I made! It was the first thing to be devoured! It's been sooo long since I have had this treat and it was delish!
The birthday girls! Abby & Brixie!

Lots of food...
The boys getting into some sort of trouble.

Adrienne's best friend Chance...oh how she misses seeing him everyday!
Our little "big" fur baby
And guess who made an appearance...sweet baby Nora! I can't get enough of this little one!
Even Lauren enjoyed her presence! We hope she has a honeymoon baby next year!

I made doggy cupcakes and totally forgot to get a picture but we did get video!
Unfortunately it doesn't want to load. Lovely!

All in all it was a great turnout, lots of fun and a great excuse to have a party!

There is lots to come this week! Each day I will post something fall related. Things I look forward to and some of the things I am eyeing for this fall. Also in store, a few DIY projects that Chris and I have been working on and a few meals that we have been making! Hope you all had a great weekend and can't wait to keep in touch all this week!


Bloodhounds and Babies said...

What a cute puppy party!! Happy Birthday to Brixie.

Angela said...

The party sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Kerbi said...

That is too cute! I love that you had a birthday party for sweet Brixie!

kate said...

I LOVE that you had a doggie birthday party! How fabulous! Such cute pictures too :)


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