Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shape Up!

I am a little late in the game considering that summer is almost over. But I seriously thought that maybe, just maybe, I could get away without having to work out. After looking at some pictures taken this summer and also laying out at the pool with moms with rockin' bodies I have come to the tough conclusion that I was wrong. Wow I was so wrong! My body definitely needs some toning up and it wouldn't hurt to lose a little bit of weight.

Since getting married over 2 years ago both Chris and I have gotten quiet comfortable. We are not bad eaters and consciously eat moderately healthy, however, we have definitely slacked off in the workout department! I talk more than I do and even though awhile back I said I was going to start the 30 Day Shred I started it but only completed 4 days. Pathetic I know! So starting tomorrow both Chris and I are going to start the 30 Day Shred together! What better way to get motivated and succeed than to work out with the one you love?! And I am going to be extremely brave and post before, during and after pictures! It's a little scary even thinking about it but it needs to be done to help motivate me. Over the years I have put on some weight and for me it all goes to my stomach, hips and the butt! Let's face it I am not 18 and far from it. And I have gotten really great at hiding it with loose shirts and empire waist clothes but it can only hide so much. Did I tell you that someone at work asked me if I was pregnant and I quote her "because you have gained some weight the past few weeks." Ugh! Rude!!! No lady I just can't suck in forever!

Anyways...I am not only doing this to tone and lose some weight but to get healthy for myself and just feel good! I really miss my Bikram Yoga but we are trying to save and it just doesn't fit into the budget. Plus I want to get my body baby ready and they say if you are in shape before baby, then its easier to lose the weight afterwards.

So ladies this is it! I am going to stop talking and actually do it! I am going to get my body in shape! I want to be able to run and not collapse at the end of the street. I am going to do it! Wish me luck cause I have a feeling I am going to need it, lol!


♥ H ♥ said...

I need to do this too!! I should take pictures of before, during and after also to help me stay motivated!! Good luck!

Jenn said...

Having someone to do it with makes all the difference in the world! You can do it!

Patience said...

I love working out with my husband. Good luck, you are going to do just great.

Joyce said...

good luck! i m trying to walk a few times around the lake behind my house a few times a week with my dog :) it's hard though but let's work on it together :)


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