Thursday, December 2, 2010

Retail Therapy

This week has been kind of a rough one so I decided to do a little retail therapy. These are on route to my house as we speak!

Divine Approval Sapphire Blue One Shoulder Dress from LuLu's
perfect for a few events I am planning to attend

2010 - 2011 myAgenda Original in Sterling Silver from momAgenda
Can't wait to start filling in my schedule in this!
There is nothing a little retail therapy can't fix.
Now all I need is a glass or two of wine!


Gabby said...

Love the dress, and I love planners!

Sarah said...

love it! i'm in love with anything that has one shoulder. and that blue color is to die for!

Jenn said...

Cute Cute dress!!! I've been eyeing that website for months but have yet to order something!!!

Those agenda's look so fun, I can't come to terms and purchase one yet though.. But I already have my 2011 calendar and already filling stuff in so won't be getting one anytime soon.. ha!

Amanda said...

Love that dress, and drink a glass for me :)

Katie said...

Love the dress! Super cute :)

Patience said...

Love the dress! Perfect color.


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