Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I hope that everyone is have a very lucky day today and drinking their green beverage of choice! This past weekend was so much fun! We made the trip to Lake Livingston to spend the weekend with some of our closest friends. Although it was cold and rainy, we didn't let it damper our moods. Instead we played beer pong ALL weekend long so I think I am all beered out for awhile. I guess you can tell from that that I didn't do too well and drank more than I could have!

This week is a busy one! Last night I went and ran errands for Megan's shower for this coming Saturday, I can't wait for it to finally be here and be able to post all the pictures from the hard work us bridesmaids have been doing! And then went and picked up my baby from my parents house. She was so excited to see me when I pulled up the drive that she didn't even give me enough time to get out of the car. Its amazing how much you can miss your dog when you haven't seen them in a few days! Tonight we will be seeing Keith Urban at the Rodeo with our dear friends Jenn & Andy! We missed the opportunity to spend time with them on Valentines Day so I am really excited to get to see them tonight! Tomorrow night I have to take a night to sleep (something that I am desperately in need of) and relax. I have been on the go and it feels like its never ending. Then Thursday night Chris and I are having dinner with his godmother Kay. We haven't seen her since Christmas so its a much needed get together! Friday I will be heading out to my parents to help prepare for the shower on Sunday. I am really looking forward to having a girls night with my mom drinking wine, making goodies for the next day and just having great conversations. My mom and I laugh together more now then we ever have before. Growing up you don't really appreciate the ones closest to you until you get older and I am so glad that I am at that point in my life where my mom is the one person that I talk to the most besides my husband. I am so grateful for that! Then Saturday is the big day! Us bridesmaids will be throwing Megan an amazing shower! I really hope its all that she envisions it will be! We have alot planned and alot of people coming! So back to my planning! Hope everyone has a great week!

Chris and I playing beer pong!

I hate to admit this but they were the beer pong champions for the weekend!

Thanks Lauren and Chad for the great weekend! Can't wait till its summertime!

The Boys

We were done for by the end of the night

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The Johnsons said...

Hey Danielle!! I love your blog main picture... How do you do that?? I got your message for St. Patty's Day at Baker Street, thanks for the invite!


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