Monday, March 2, 2009

Up and running again!

After not having Internet since Sunday (I know long time, huh) I have been dying to blog. I am officially a blog addict. This weekend was an awesome one. Out great friends from Boston came in town and we were so fortunate to get to hang out with them not one but two nights in a row. Friday we had a great game night of Uno Spin Attack and Split Second, not even sure they make this game anymore, but we had an absolute blast testing our skills and knowledge!

Nick & Lindsey

Split Second

Saturday morning Tracey and I had a day of shopping (a great success) and we also got a chance to stop by the model home of the floor plan that Chris and I are hoping to start building some time in May. I love it more and more each time I see it. I was able to find two great dresses at Francesca's and this is one of my great buys. It is perfect for both spring and summer.

It's so soft and colorful!

After a day of shopping and fun it was time to bundle up in our warm clothes and venture out to the Rodeo Cook-Off! IT WAS FREEZING and the wind was gusting!!! But we had such a great time. The food was awesome, the band was kickin it and the beer hit the spot! Since it was so cold and Chris could barely walk, he ran that morning at the Rodeo Run and really injured both knees (going to the doctors on Thursday), we decided to just chill in the one tent. No point in leaving a great spot. Chris, Tracey, Nick, Lindsey and I had a great time! Here are some pictures to show what an awesome & crazy time we had!

He jumped on our table from the stage!

I love him!

Always a good time when she is around! You never know what is going to happen!

Chris, Nick and Lindsey having a blast!

Ok, by the end of the night we were starving again
and nothing sounded better than a "hound dog"

Sunday was a relaxing and peaceful day with no Internet. We were able to lounge around in our pj's and just enjoy the laziness of a Sunday. Tomorrow night we are really excited to be going with our closest friends Chris and Amy to see Rascal Flatts at the Houston Rodeo. Good time with friends, great music and good beer and food, I don't think it gets any better than that! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Blog again very soon! xoxo

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