Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in Business

So I finally got my camera back from my parents on Saturday. Now I can make a real post and update yall on whats been going on. Last Saturday was Megan's first shower! It went amazing and it was great to see the smile on her face and all the people that have been dear to her throughout the years. She received so many great things and I think she really had a blast!

Megan & 3 of her 4 Bridesmaids

The pom pom's for her arrival

The Bride and the Mother of the Bride

The YUMMY Dessert Table

One of Megan's many gifts

Jenn & I
Thanks mom for letting us have the shower there!

On Saturday my dad threw and awesome crawfish boil! The weather was perfect and the crawfish was yummy. I ate so much and we still have so much left over so this week I will be cooking something with crawfish, just not sure what yet. Next year we will have it at our house!

Chris and Dad

Michele, Mom & I

Today we went house shopping again. It was a little disappointing because we didn't really find much. Maybe one potential. We still have plenty of time though and we just have to have that feeling like "this is it!" We just haven't gotten that yet. Soon though, soon!

I hope that everyone has a great week and enjoys the weather. Lots going on this week so I will have to post again very soon! xoxo

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