Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Warning: today's post is just a bunch of randomness.

I love Thursdays! One day closer to the weekend and all the wonderful night time entertainment on tv. What is your favorite Thursday night show?

Yes...I changed my header again for the millionth time. I just like change which is probably why I am afraid to pay someone to do it for me. What do you think?

I am sooo thrilled to go on our girls weekend getaway starting tomorrow. The trip is much needed and I look forward to spending time with all the wonderful ladies. I am already packed and ready to go! I just hope the hubby can keep things clean while I am gone...eek.

Has anyone read Lauren Conrad's series of books? I read the first one and I must say that I was really impressed. It was loosely based on her life in the realty tv world but I was still hooked. I am about to start the second book (they all are tied together) and I am interested to see how it goes. And I just read that she has come out with the third. I better start reading faster! I love that she is the girl next door and hasn't let the fame get to her head. She has really done well for herself and will go a lot further than her former cast mates.

I keep forgetting to post a picture of the hair. Well here it is. I took it this morning at my desk. In person it is more of a shade of dark red.

And for a moment of cuteness. I was packing in the living room last night and walked into the bedroom to see this...
Brixie was already ready for bed. She had snuggled her way under the top sheet and was sleeping/snoring when I accidentally woke her up with my camera flash. She is so darn cute when she isn't getting into some sort of trouble.

Ok back to work! There are lots of deadlines to be made before the week is over. Happy Thursday everyone!!!


Caroline said...

I've been wanting to read her books, but I wasn't sure how good they'd be.

You look great as a brunette!!

kate said...

Love the new hair color!

Lynsey and Brian said...

I read her first two books and I am currently reading her third one. Like you, I like that she hasn't let the fame go to her head.


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