Friday, October 1, 2010

Such a Go-Glitter

Hi, my name is Danielle and I have an obssesion with nail polish.

It is one of my things. I have quite a collection and the bag that stores them all weighs a ton! My husband thinks I have a problem, lol. I just can't help myself. My favorite brand by far is Nicole by OPI. I can't walk into Target or any beauty store without getting a new color. And I am not afraid to be bold and rock a color that is a little crazy and a bit daring. My boss gets a kick out of it!

My new favorite is a bit of a mixture. Show You Care is my number one color and I love to sport it throughout the year. But the other day I came across the Such A Go-Glitter and I just had to have it! As you know with most glitter nail polishes you have to mix it with a solid. Perfect! I went to my trusty Show You Care put two coats on and then finished it off with the Such A Go-Glitter. Such a fun name! Wouldn't it be awesome to have the job of creating all the names for their colors?!

So what do you think? I LOVE it and kinda reminds me of the midnight sky with stars (galaxy like). The hubby just laughed at me when I told him that and proceeded to ask me how many glasses of wine I had consumed, lol! I think I will be rocking this color for awhile.

Do any of you watch The Rachel Zoe Project? I was so sad to read in the gossip websites yesterday that Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski are parting ways. I love her show and it won't be the same without B! But he is moving on to create a name for himself so I hope he gets his own show as well. I wonder what they would call it?

On the up side, in this mornings news they are claiming that Rachel Zoe is 3 months pregnant! I hope it's true. That baby is going to be so stylish!

I am so glad it is Friday and also my half-day. I can't wait to get my hair done and enjoy a fun night with the hubster! Hope your Friday is an amazing one as well! I will be sure to post about the hair results later! xoxo


The Garcia's said...

Ayyee! I love the polish! You have me sold..I'm trying that combo next!! (And I agree it does look galaxy like!) HeeHee! Have fun on your date night and I can't wait to see your new color!

Jennifer said...

I just bought both of those! Did a Google search for Such A Go-Glitter and came up with this post :) I didn't have the intention of combining them... but am going to try it next! Right now I have 3 coats of just SAGG on.


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