Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NOT a toy!

Ok today is no better than yesterday. But now I know why I was so cranky yesterday. Today I am stuck at work with a fever, sore throat and nothing is working correctly. But I must continue to post before I get back into my non-posting rut, lol!

This past weekend was a fun yet relaxing weekend. The weather in Houston is absolutely perfect! We spent the majority of our time outdoors taking it all in because we know that this kind of weather doesn't last long in Texas. Friday I got my hair done and I absolutely love it! It has a dark tent of red with some brown and caramel highlights in it. Perfect for fall. Later that night we spent time with some of our friends visiting from out of town. It's always so nice to catch up and spend time with the ones we miss.

Saturday we woke up bright and early to participate in the Race for the Cure Houston. It was an amazing experience. To see all of the survivors and the ones racing for their loved ones lost was an emotional time for me both happy and sad. I was so glad that we participated and plan to do so every year. I will say though that I was soooooo sore after the fact and getting out of bed was definitely a struggle the next morning. It means that I need to really start working out again as soon I get over this crazy fever and everything else that is coming along with it. Here is a picture of Chris and I before the race began. Excuse the bad pic, we were both tired and its also not a great shot of the hair. I promise you a better one later.

So glad we got to do it together! xoxo

The rest of the weekend was spent with some of our close friends. We enjoyed a nice Fillet Mignon dinner with baked potatoes, homemade Caesar salad and a yummy Tiramisu Bowl for dessert all made by yours truly. Then Sunday was spent eating fried foods, watching football and hanging with our friends around the corner. It was so nice to watch the game on the outdoor patio. I love this weather! All in all it was a fabulous weekend!

So I have to share what our dog Brixie got into yesterday. Notice the chew toy in the picture below. They are scattered throughout our house.

And notice that this is NOT a chew toy. But Brixie thought that it would be fun to play with anyway. She knew she was going to be in lots of trouble when we got home so she tried to hid the evidence. She is definitely a sneaky one. At first we were worried that she had eaten it all but then quickly discovered her hiding spots. The broken pieces were hiding between the sheets, the couch and other odd places. Good thing we have extra remotes in the house but she was definitely in trouble last night and hopefully won't touch another remote ever!

Ok I am going to go now before my head explodes. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I can't wait to get over whatever I have and I really hope it happens before my trip this weekend! xoxo


B said...

Your hair looks AMAZING! Such a pretty fall shade. And yes, absolutely LOVING this weather :)

Laura Lewis said...

I forget the power of the pooch jaws! Wow! I never worry about my remote because I always figure she couldn't do much to it... now I know and will be putting it away in its spot when we leave!

Katherine Josh said...

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