Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yummy Cupcakes & a DIY Halloween Wreath!

I love Thursdays! It is one day closer to the weekend and I have all day to look forward to watching some of my favorites shows that come on tonight!

I completely forgot to post pictures on my sister and Mimi's birthday celebration from a couple weeks ago. We decided to keep it simple this year and just have an amazing home cooked dinner at my parents house...thanks mom! All 8 of us were able to attend which is a rare occasion even during the holidays. Earlier in the day I picked up some oh so delicious cupcakes from Ooh La La's in Katy for the dessert. Ok I am going to make a confession. These cupcakes taste so much better than Sprinkles & Crave Cupcakes combined. They are moist and stay moist for a couple of days and the frosting is delish, which I am usually not a frosting kind of girl. And as a bonus they have a drive through!

The amazing cupcakes:
flavors from left to right starting at the top -
margaritaville, pina colada, 2 ultimate chocolates, cinnamon brown sugar, 2 german chocolates, peach melba, the bunny boo, nilla choco, pretty in pink and the velvet elvis!
They are HUGE in person...another bonus!
I love these ladies!!!
Michele, Mom, Mimi and I
It is always fun getting to spend time with the family and I cherish every moment. Just wish we could do it more often!

As I mentioned yesterday I made my own DIY Halloween wreath over the weekend. I got my idea from this post over at Shannon Makes Stuff. I did it similar but changed up how I did the little roses. Visit the site to get the tutorial though.

First I went through my closet and got some old shirts that I was going to retire and also went through my bags of left over fabrics. I grabbed an old burnt orange sweater, a navy shirt and a shrunken gray cardigan. I then came across some black and zebra patterned fabric. Perfect for the Halloween colors. I cut them all into long strips varying at different lengths.

Earlier in the day I made a trip to Michael's and bought a round foam wreath and some wide black ribbon to wrap it with. I then proceeded to make the roses and grabbed the fabric, twisted it and formed it into a spiral gluing it in place with a glue gun as I went. I did this for what felt like forever until I had enough roses to cover the wreath. Then I got glue gun happy and started gluing the roses to the wreath scattering the different colored roses so that the same color wouldn't be right next to each other.

Here are the final results!

Up close of the fabric roses

There is still a few final touches I want to make but overall I am really thrilled with the results and even the hubby approved and asked me if I was going to make one for Christmas! Now I just need to start getting out the rest of my Halloween decor to get into the festivities!

Ok I am off to grab some lunch. So happy to be halfway through the day. Hope you are all having an easy Thursday and I will be back tomorrow afternoon with the results of my new hair color! xoxo


Bloodhounds and Babies said...

The wreath turned out so cute!! Great job.

The Garcia's said...

OH!! Let me just say I L-O-V-E the wreath!! I just might have to do one myself! Ah!! so exciting! And I do love Ohlala cupcakes! I totally agree with you, I prefer their cupcakes to any of the other big chains. I have had the Margaritavile, German chocalate (my fave!), pina colada and nilla chaco. They just opened one up by my house off of Park Row and Fry which is so not good for the waistline!

Stephanie Marie said...

That wreath is AMAZING!! I already have one for fall and one for Christmas, but I think I may need to whip one of these up for spring. Thanks for the great idea!

Lindsay said...

Just found your blog because you are a new follower of mine. I absolutely LOVE this wreath! Fabulous! I want to make a Christmas one! Your blog is fantastic! Thanks!

Katie said...

How cute!! I want to make one now :)

P.S.-I love your blog!


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