Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Randomness & Double Rainbows

When I went to the mailbox yesterday afternoon this is part of what I received. Umm...maybe I have too many magazine subscriptions, lol. And this isn't even all of them. Still missing my house magazines, Better Home & Gardens, InStyle and a few others. Wow!

Ok I can't believe I am actually going to post about this but it's just too hard to resist. Please don't think less of me, lol! Does anyone watch Daniel Tosh? The guy is both hilarious and really stupid. It's hard not to laugh no matter how dumb it really is. Well the other night we were watching one of the millionth recorded Tosh O shows we have on our dvr and the stupid double rainbow guy clip came on. It's ridiculously stupid and crazy but you have to watch it! Especially to understand the next part of the story.

Tosh.0Weds 10:30pm / 9:30c
Web Retreat - Double Rainbow Guy
Tosh.0 VideosDaniel ToshWeb Redemption

Well last night a storm built up out of no where in Katy and when we looked outside lo and behold there was a full double rainbow. Yep ladies and gents it was hard to believe and too funny to resist and Chris and I had to re-enact the Double Rainbow Man's video. Although we didn't video ourselves during this event (Sorry this would almost be too embarrassing to post even if we did) but we did get some pictures of the crazy double rainbows and lots of laughs. Stupid I know, but even now I can't help but crack up just thinking about it!

And I totally forgot to post the pictures on the necklace project. So here are just a few. I plan on making more soon for others since a lot of my coworkers and friends requested it after I wore them.

This one is just in time for Halloween

OK that is enough randomness for the day. I hope all of you are having a great week so far. We are half way done...thank goodness! It's only noon and I already need a drink, lol!


Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Love the necklace! Super cute!!

Gabby said...

That does seem like a lot of magazine subscriptions, but I can't blame ya.

Stephanie said...

YES I love Tosh.0!!! it's our new favorite show! LOL. So good for mindless TV and a bunch of laughs. That rainbow thingy was hilarious too.

Cute necklace!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

What a unique and fun idea for a necklace!

Liesl :)

Kendall and Brooks said...

I got my scarves in the mail yesterday! You did such a good job, and spoiled me with TWO!!!!!

P.S. The hubs and I totally watch Tosh.... haha

Morgan said...

So funny! You get as many mags as I do. I figure it's saving me money because I travel all the time and would end up buying them in the airport anyways. :)


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