Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Dog!

Anyone else watch the 44th CMA Awards show last night? I was actually very impressed and well entertained throughout the show. I mean it helps when you really love the hosts! Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood did an awesome job! Now Carrie's fashion throughout the night was a bit questionable but I will let that slide cause she is just too darn cute no matter what she wears.

Brad & Carrie
And boy did these two take away the awards last night! I must say I would love to be invited to their wedding. You know it is going to be an amazingly fun with their personalities! They are soooo in love!

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton
In other news, you know yesterday when I said that we have a big house project to complete this weekend, well here it is:

Yes, above you can see the work of a VERY in trouble 1 year old pup and her hard work. About 2 weeks ago Brixie decided that she really didn't like the carpet in the front room. And since her mommy dreamed of ONE DAY (certainly not any time soon) replacing the floor in there she decided that she wanted to help her mommy in completing a little demo way ahead of schedule. When we got home to see the work above I about flipped!!! Not only did she rip the carpet but she pulled it up to the middle of the room. REALLY?!!!!

There were no chances of a quick fix so we sat down to discuss all of our options. After getting quotes and what seemed like a million samples we decided to go through with getting hardwood floors. But to save on money we are deciding to install it ourselves. You know I love a good DIY project but this one is going to take a lot of patience. Since I lack any sort of patience what-so-ever (THANK YOU DAD) I have decided to leave this project to the guys (Chris, Ryan and Phil). I will just act as Project Manager.

So first we had to clear the room of Brixie's left over demolition and removed all the carpet, padding and nails. We vacuumed up all the dust and remains and scrapped off all glue to make the concrete floor flat and smooth. Chris filled in any holes with puddy and now the guys are ready to install.

All cleared and now it echoes throughout the house

My hard working man!
Not a fun project at all...

So now it is all set and ready to go. We ordered the floors last week and they were supposed to have arrived yesterday. Unfortunately though, they seem to have lost the freight with our purchase aboard. I am dealing with the company right now and hopefully we will have our package sometime today or first thing tomorrow morning. Wish us luck! If all goes well we will be doing the remainder of the house at the beginning of the year.

Although I am not thrilled with how all of it came about I will say I am really, really, really excited to get my hardwood floors and get rid of all the carpet in our house. So thank you Brixie...but don't do it again!!!!!

Oh the joys of having a house and a young pup. Xoxo


Caroline said...

Carrie and Miranda looked gorgeous last night. Knox chewed up our carpet too. Been there done that. Who knew puppy teeth could do so much damage?

Stephanie said...

wow! so glad i'm in good company with puppies chewing up carpet!! our did that a few months ago... a giant hole, down to the cement, in the middle of the office area of our apartment. not. cool.

exciting that you get wood floors though! :) yay!

Stephanie Marie said...

Oh my word! I cannot believe your puppy did so much damage (although my dog did manage to eat a hole in the wall...) Can't wait to see the new wood floors!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

My dogs did the exact same thing at our old house (only they are tiny, so it was a smaller area of carpet) and it was such a mess and so horrible to get fixed. But, your house looks beautiful - and hardwood fun will be much harder for the pup to chew up! :)


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