Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poker Face

Saturday was a huge success! Thank you Bud and Amy for opening up your house to us! Chris had a great time, got third place, smoked cigars, had a blast with all of his friends and drank his favorite drinks! What more could a guy ask for! So glad that everyone was able to make it! I thought that I had been pretty good about taking pictures but after looking back at them I didn't do such a great job! And Chris and I didn't get any pictures together! We are so bad about that! So here is a recap of the night in the pictures that I did take:

If anyone went home hungry it was their own fault!
I made sure there was plenty to grub on!
I spent many hours in the kitchen the night before

I even got Subway

Lauren & I before the gambling began!

the yummy Tiramisu Bowl (it was devoured)
And it was so pretty we set up a table outside
The tables were very intense! Such a serious game!

Notice all the guys with their heads turned towards the tv checking on the football
Chris Iconos and the guys taking a break
So glad Chris' brother was able to make it!
And then we got down to the final table...
And Chris' Dad won it all! So glad that everyone came and had a great time! It made for an awesome birthday! Now what to do for his 30th in two years?!

This week we have alot going on! We have the Cirque du Soleil tomorrow night, Nutcracker on Friday, some very big home projects on Friday and Saturday (which I will be blogging about very soon) and Chris' art show on Saturday night! So busy, busy times with lots of pictures to take!

Happy hump day! Anyone going to watch the CMA Awards Show tonight?


Brittany said...

What fun!! You're such a good wifey! I love your tile backsplash too!!

Caroline said...

This is such a cute idea! Love it!

Bloodhounds and Babies said...

I'm honestly looking forward to the CMA's just to see what Carrie Underwood is going to wear!! The party looked like such a success!


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