Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday To-Do List

This weekend is going to be a big weekend! For months now I have been in party mode coming up with the best "SURPRISE" Poker Tournament Party for my sweet husband. I sent out an evite to all of his friends, family and coworkers and everyone was able to keep it a secret for months except for one! And he called to tell him that he couldn't make it! I gave him hell afterwards, lol! I had the whole thing planned out to a "T" even having it at a friends house so that he wouldn't suspect a thing! Yep even though I had SURPRISE written in big bold capital letters about 10 times in the evite and even sent out personal emails to the ones that he hangs out with most on a regular basis one guy ended up spoiling the surprise. But it was bound to happen and even though the surprise was ruined I have one ecstatic man ready for the event to begin. I still get wife of the year award lol!

So tomorrow is the big event and I have a million things to do on my to-do list. So here is a little sneak peak into my world today:
  • Pay ticket and sign up for defensive driving (remember when I got a ticket a few weekends back for speeding! yep I soooo look forward to defensive driving. Gotta be proud of myself though cause I haven't gotten a ticket since high school...until now, lol)
  • Type guest list for security guard
  • get oil changed and tires rotated
  • go to liquor store to pick up drinks and cigars
  • make a trip to the grocery store to get a forever long list of items
  • spend the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen being Susy Homemaker (I have a lot to whip up: Cupcakes, Tiramisu Bowl, Armadillo Eggs, Cream Cheese Roll ups, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Vegetable Platter, Chili Cheese Dip (tomorrow) and soooo much more...they better come hungry)
  • Clean house for guests staying for the weekend
  • Wash clothes (why didn't I do this last night?!)
  • Gather all party supplies and have them ready to go for in the morning
  • Pass out at some point
  • pick up subway at 10:45am tomorrow
  • pick up balloons at grocery store after I pick up Subway

OK I think that is everything or at least its all my brain can muster up right now! I can't wait to post all the pictures on Monday. I will be way too hung over to accomplish much of anything on Sunday!!! Wish me luck! I am trying not to stress out and honestly I am doing a pretty good job so far...or so I think!

I hope all you ladies have a fabulous weekend ahead! xoxo


Amanda said...

Sounds super fun; be sure to post pictures of it afterwads!

Emily said...

You are an amazing planner! I can't wait to see the photos on Monday too. Hopefully you have a great time and a not too hung over Sunday! Cheers, Emily
P.S. I tagged you in a fun food game!


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