Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Brain

I have a bad case of baby brain! It's all I have been thinking about lately and it doesn't help that everyone and their mother is pregnant right now both famous and fabulous. It's both exciting and hard at the same time. It's everywhere I turn, Facebook, tabloids, home...everywhere!!! I am ready, like soooooooo ready but the timing is off. I am not going to lie, I have been in the WORST mood lately because of this. I know my time will come and it will be so worth the wait but can it just get here already!?!!

It probably doesn't help that I have a list of baby names already picked out and a never ending inspirational folder of baby rooms! So here is a sneak peak into just a "few" rooms I have saved. Some are even of my sweet blogging friends that have fabulous taste!


*Sigh* day it will be my turn.
Hope all you ladies are having a wonderful week.
The weekend is slowly approaching and I can't wait!


Caroline said...

I have baby brain bad too and have had it for over a year. I love these baby rooms. I can't wait to design one for my little one. Prayers for you and future babies.

B said...

Girl, we are on the exact same page! Got everything picked out, now just need a baby :) Ha!

PattyAnn said...

Beautiful nursery pics! It's always fun looking at that stuff, with or without a baby ;)

The Sturgeon Family said...

I know exactly how you feel... it is the WORST when you can't go a day without hearing someone else (besides yourself) is pregnant... you and your husband are being smart and waiting until all your ducks are in a row! I'm sure your baby will thank you one day :)

Jenn said...

It really really amazes me what baby rooms/nurseries look like these days!! I have no idea really what mine looked like but I can guarantee you nothing like any of those!! haha!!
I love how you used Slade's and Owen's :)

I'm on the hunt for good baby sites to order custom stuff or just cool stuff from for Lindsey's baby boy on the way! If you know any, please send them my way!!
I'm kinda having a hard time caue she dosn't have a theme but I have a pic of her bedding with colors etc.

Cute post! Your day will come :)

Brittany said...

I feel ya girl! It seems like that is ALL I ever see/hear about. I even had two friends announce their pregnancy in the SAME DAY! Too bad I still have a year of grad school left :(

allie-mac-fallie said...

I AGREE!! SERIOUSLY!! haha The day will come :) I looove all your rooms and I love picking out future baby things. Isn't it funny that just a few years ago we were all dreaming of wedding dresses and wedding planning and now that that is behind us look at us now ha! I have been playing this song over and OVER in my head and it has brought some comfort.... here it is-- I'm sure you know it! :)


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