Monday, January 17, 2011

Why did I not read this sooner?!

One of my 2011 goals is to track my spending habits and plan for a better financial future. I "want" a lot of things in life and I despise the word "NO." It makes me pout like a 3 year old. And I am one of those that if I want something I want it now, not later, but right this second!

The majority of the "wants" (mostly material things) I don't need but the one that I desire the most is to start a family. Before we can do this we need to get a few things taken care of first. One, we need to get out of debt. Two have a better savings and an emergency fund. Three prepare for the future. I am ashamed to say this but we have done a really sucky job at all of these. Once we got our house we went a little crazy needing this and that and trying to keep up with the Joneses. We are all guilty of this in one way or another! My number one guilty pleasure is having the house put together. I may not spend a million dollars doing this but it all starts to add up here and there with this project and that. I can't help it sometimes, its just something that I really love. A hobby somewhat. Well its time to cut back. I have enough projects to do to last me a year and I won't have to buy anything to do them cause I have already accumulated all the things I need to finish them (a post on these later).

I finally reached a point where enough was enough and I am just tired of feeling like this. It's time to get our butt in gear. I have heard a lot of great things about Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. It's taken me along time to work up the courage to get it because I knew that once I purchased this I would have to accept the word "NO" and make sacrifices that I am not always willing to give into. But we want to start a family one day and now is the time to prepare (as much as one can before baby).

The book came in the mail on Friday. I have to admit this book is really good!!! I am not a motivational reader and I don't always get financial stuff but I totally get this and the way that he explains things is easy to understand. There have been so many instances where I have said "oh that is so me!" I am not done reading it yet and can't wait to pass it over to the hubby to read but I have a wonderful feeling about it. We are finally going to do what we should have done a long time ago! It makes me really excited about the future and one step closer to baby!

Have any of you read this book? Did it make a big impact on your life? What are your thoughts on it? I just know it is going to take a lot of will power! But I know we can do it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully your Monday isn't too crappy! xoxo


Lindsey said...

Dan and I are reading it right now! We both have a copy and bought the workbook too. I'm very excited to see where it will take us!

Jenn said...

My dad listens to Dave Ramsey a lot on his talk radios when he is in his truck! He takes a lot of his advice and go's with it! I've heard great things about this book from various people!
I signed up with that you mentioned in your goals post.. I'm loving it, just gotta figure it out a little better! ha!

Stephanie said...

My parents are Dave Ramsey certified counselors and have their own financial business, so I hear this ALL.THE.TIME. It's good stuff, but hard to do! I'm mean, I'm not debt free (they are about to be - house and all - and they're in their 50's) but I hope to be someday.

I'm right there with you at having too many house projects and still buying more... ugh. :)


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