Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I have been trying to keep myself occupied while trying to procrastinate finishing the bathroom. Yes I am really excited about doing the bathroom but I hate drawing the stencil on the wall. BORING!!! It will be worth it when it is all done...that's what I keep telling myself.

So in the meantime I have just been doing a little here and a little there around the house. Lucky you it's another day full of pictures.

I don't think anyone realized just how big the lion was that I painted. A sweet friend of mine came over the other day and was a little shocked by it's size. So I thought I would do a side profile so you get the picture better. Humongous!

I also won an amazing Giveaway hosted by the super sweet Lili at swanky::chic::fete!!! If you haven't discovered her blog yet you have been missing out! I just adore her and her blog! I am in love with these amazing Jonathan Adler tumblers and the oh so cool post-its! Thanks Lili!!!

Oh and you know those horse head bookends that we spray painted. I finally put them out. They made a couple different trips around the house and finally found the perfect home on our entrainment center! I love the way they pop against the dark dark background. One day I will show you the rest of the entrainment center setup (when the house is perfectly clean, but don't hold your breath it won't be anytime soon).

Close up shot 1

Close up shot 2

Now this is the part of the post where you don't judge! This is our closet on a regular day. It's a descent size so alot of times when we are expecting people over I just throw whatever I can in here. Plus I don't know if the hubby knows what a hanger is. It felt like if I moved stuff I might just find a door to Narnia!

Notice the pile of clean clothes on the dresser (his). They sat there for 2 weeks.

and for some reason he likes to drape his work pants on top of the shelf. Remember I don't think he knows what a hanger is. But I have no room to talk cause usually my scarves are all over the place.

Well enough was enough and while the hubby was away on a hunting trip I decided to tackle this mess. I was tired of living in chaos. Here is how it finally turned out.

Everything all nice and neat! I swear he has more shoes than I do.

The dresser is finally clean. Still working on a solution for the jewelry though.

That container holds all 25 of my scarves. I rolled them up nice and neat!
Now lets see how long it lasts!!!

One day I will finally have a closet like this:
Hey a girl can dream can't she!

And finally another project I have been procrastinating:

So glad it is finally Friday! I hope all you ladies have a warm and wonderful weekend ahead!


Blissfully Enamored said...

LOVE the lion head!!! Where did you find that?!!

Also....I am pretty sure that I am Procrastinator Girl today as well!! I don't feel like I am def. surfing all of my blogs! HA!

Go check out my post from might be able to help me out!

Lili said...

DANIELLE, great job on the closet!!! and the bookends look amazing!!!

Stephanie Marie said...

Your closet looks amazing! That is always the most cluttered part of our apartment and I just hate working on it. Maybe you've inspired me! :)

Rachel said...

woo - yeah i would love love a closet like that one day! and my husband has more jackets/sweaters than i do. he can't resist a new nice one.

Leah said...

Love those horse heads! And that desk is going to look amazing, so excited to see it!



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