Monday, January 10, 2011


Good morning!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and happy Monday to you all! This past weekend was pretty unproductive in the Lenz household as both me and one of the dogs were sick. Such a joyous occasion, lol! It did however give me a chance to catch up on gossip and make long lists of to-do projects for 2011! I am so sure that it pleased my husband to add on about 15 new items to our never-ending list, lol.

So did you hear the news that these two gorgeous people are expecting their 4th child?!
I hope it's a girl! Someone has to pass on the fashion gene!

OK it's going to be a crazy Monday with meetings taking up the majority of my day! SO MUCH FUN!!!


Melissa said...

I'm hoping for a girl for the Beckham's too!!

jayme said...

i love them and i cannot wait to hear what they name the precious child because i love the names brooklyn, romeo, and cruz! xo


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